Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History – (Updated List 2023)

A good match finisher can take his team to victory. Not only he gives his best to win the match in thrilling moments of the match, but also he provides nail biting moments for cricket fans. Cricket fans have seen many best match finishers in the past who provided entertained cricket fans with their performance and talent. Today, we will be looking at the Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History.

Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History

With the finite numbers of overs in the limited over cricket, matches some time because interesting for cricket fans. In these last moments, both the sides have equal chances to win the match. Thus, a good match finisher stands firms in these analytical moments. But also he leads his team to victory with his experience and match winning skills.

From MS Dhoni to Javed Miandad cricket fans have witnessed some of the best match finishers in cricket. Let us look down on the list of Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History.

Ms Dhoni

Former Indian Captain and Wicket Keeper MS Dhoni takes the top spot on our list of best match finishers in cricket. He is regarded as the Most Successful Run chaser in cricket. While getting a chase, Dhoni used to keep its calm during a match. It did not matter whether the target was too high or even impossible, MS Dhoni was confident of his abilities. More interestingly, every time he got close to a run chase, it turned to a nightmare for opponent bowler.

With his his aggressive batting and six hitting skills he was able to pull off close matches. Under his captaincy, India won 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Cricket experts regard him as the most effective finisher in cricket.

MS Dhoni averages 102.7 in successful run-chases. He holds the record of most no outs and highest average in successful run chases. He played Key part in 116 successful run chases and with 47 not outs, 2876 runs, and an average of 102.7. His high score was 183* during a chase. Moreover, he also scored 2 hundreds 20 fifties during a successful chase.

Apart from it, MS Dhoni set many records in cricket before his retirement from International cricket in 2019. He is the first player to complete 10,000 runs with a batting average over 50. Apart from it, Dhoni is the first Indian to hit 200 sixes in ODI cricket.

Above all, MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the best finisher in cricket history.

2. AB De Villiers

Next we have former South African Captain and star cricketer Ab De Villiers on our list at 2nd spot. He is becomes the 2nd best finisher cricket after MS Dhoni. During his active career, he had the ability to become a run machine in the death overs. In 2015, he scored the fastest ODI hundred on 31 balls against West Indies at Johanseburg.

No doubt, he deserves to be the King of Best Finishers in cricket. His achievements in ODI cricket are fastest fifty (16 balls) and Fastest hundred (31 balls). Surprisingly, he had the ability to score a boundary on any part of the field in a circle, which earned him his nickname Mr 360.

He had a strike rate of 107 during a successful run chase. During his period, he contributed to 64 successful chases and remain not out for 28 times. ABD smashed 2566 runs with an average of 82.77 in successful run-chase. In the same course, he also smashed five hundreds and 18 fifties with a high score of 136*. For such stunning stats, he is considered as one of the most hard hitters in cricket as well.

Above all, he takes the 2nd position on our list of Best match finishers in cricket.

3. Virat Kohli

The Present Day Indian Captain Virat Kohli joins our list at the 3rd spot. He is regarded as the best match finisher in this age. His potential to score in the last moments of the match makes him one of the best ODI batsman of all time. Indian Cricket fans hope for victory till he is on the crease.

Since his ODI debut in 2008, Virat Kohli has set many records in the limited Overs format. For example, he is the fastest batsman to score 8,000, 9,000, 10,000, 11,000 and 12,000 runs in ODI cricket. Apart from it, he also holds the record of most hundreds while batting second which explains why he is the best finisher in cricket right now?

Virat Kohli have played a prominent role in 89 successful run chases in ODI format for India. He accounts for 5388 runs with an average of 96.21 while leading his team to a chase. His 22 hundreds and highest score of 183 came while chasing a target for his team. All these stats, make him as one of the best finishers in cricket.

4. Abdul Razzaq

Legendary Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Razzaq puts together on our list at the 4th spot. He is considered as one of the best match winners in cricket history. Moreover, Razzaq won many matches on his own for Pakistan. During his period, he was one man army who used to stand till last and win the match for his team.

His one of the most memorable innings came against South Africa when he smashed 109 on 72 balls in 20210. He is the batsman who hit Glenn Mcgrath for five consecutive fours in an over. Not only with bat, he was excellent wicket taker bowler as well. He recorded a five wicket haul against Sri Lanka in Sharjah and helped Pakistan win the match when they were bowled out at 196 only.

When Pakistan were stuck in a difficult situation, he always performed with the bat and lead Pakistan to the victory. He is one of 52 Pakistani all-rounder to record 1,000 runs and 100 wickets. Apart from it, he also scored 109 playing at number 7 which itself is a record.

All in all, Razzaq was one of the best finishers in Pakistan cricket history.

5. Shahid Afridi

Legendary Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi enters his name on 5th spot in our list. Nicknamed Boom Boom he is one of the best hard hitters and finishers in Pakistan Cricket team. He has won Pakistan many games on his on due to his furious hitting and match finishing skills. Pakistan cricket fans prayed for victory until Shahid Afridi remained on the crease during his career.

His most memorable innings came against India in Asia Cup when smashed Ashwin for two consecutive sixes and lead Pakistan to victory in a close game. Apart from it, his magnificent power hitting skills earned him a spot on the longest Sixes in ODI cricket history.

In his first ODI innings, he set the record for fastest ODI hundred on 37 balls against Sri Lanka. This record stood for next 17 years until Corey Anderson recorded his fastest ODI hundred on 36 balls. In the match, Afridi smashed eleven glorious sixes and six boundaries. As a result, Sri Lanka were defeated by Pakistan with 82 runs margin.

In addition, he also holds the record for Most sixes in ODI format. Last but not the least, he deserves a spot on our list of best One Day finishers.

6. Michael Bevan

We have Former Australian Cricketer Michael Bevan on 6th spot in our list of best finishers. He was the best finisher for Australia during his career and he helped Australia two world cups in 1999 and 2003. Even, Wisden rated him as one of the Greatest ODI batsman of all times in 2002.

He played key part in 75 successful run chases for Australia and scored 1725 runs in the course. Meanwhile, his achieved his highest score 107 with an average of 86.25. Cricket records also state that he score three hundreds and 12 fifties in successful run chase for Australia. All these characteristics make him as one of the best finishers in cricket history.

Michael Bevan introduced the art of Finishing matches. In case of top order collapse, he lead Australia to victory in most cases. That earned him the nickname of The Finisher. His most memorable innings came when he scored unbeaten 78 when Australia were 6/38 while chasing 173 against West Indies in 1996.

Thus, Michael Bevan well deserves his name on our list of best match finishers.

7. Viv Richards

Regarded as one of the Greatest batsman of all times, Former West Indian Captain Sir Viv Richards also puts together on our list of best finishers at 7th spot. Wisden Cricket declared him The greatest ODI batsman of all times due to his best ODI innings of all times. Moreover, he is the first ODI cricketer to receive 20 Man of the Match awards.

The 2009 ICC Hall of fame inductee, Viv Richards was the most destructive batsman sports have ever seen.  He became fans favorite due to his aggressive and fearless play of cricket. He dominated opponent bowlers during his career.

Sir Viv Richards was the fastest man to score 1,000 runs. Apart from it, he also holds the record for scoring highest score of 189* while batting at four. Moreover, he is also the first cricketer to score a hundred and take a five wicket haul in same One Day Match.

Above all, he earns a spot on our list of Best ODI Match finishers in cricket history.

8. Michael Hussey

Moving forward with Michael Hussey who is the second Australian after Micheal Bevan to make it on our list. He occupies the 8th spot. Michael Hussey was a top ranked ODI batsman during his career. He earned his nickname Mr Cricket for his achievements in cricket. Apart from it, he is also regarded as greatest left handed batsman of all time in cricket as well.

In his debut match he helped Australia won the match by scoring 17 runs in 2004. He Hussey won the ICC Player of the year award in 2004. However, his most memorable innings came when Hussey scored 65 of 88 while rescuing Australia from a stage of 5/72.

Mr Cricket played prominent in 51 successful run-chases for Australia and scored 741 runs with an average of 74.1. In the same course, he scored 4 fifties with a high score of 75.

All these stats above, make Hussey as one of the best Australian ODI finishers of all times.

9- Jos Buttler

The 2019 Cricket World Cup winning Team England captain Jos Buttler gets the 9th spot on our list. He is considered as greatest whitewall batsman of all times in England. Jos Buttler has established his career as a top batsman in all three formats of the game. Some of his best ODI innings make him as one of the best finishers in ODI cricket.

He holds record of the fastest ODI hundred by an English Batsman. If That’s not it, He is also one of the best wicket keepers in the world right now. Moreover, he was among the five highest run scorer for England in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

He has the ability to drive the ball for a boundary on every angle around the field. Which as earned him the nickname of 360-Degree Cricketer. Apart from it, he has also played key role in the close games for England. He was awarded with the Member of the Most Executive Order of British Empire for his services in cricket.

10. Javed Miandad

Finally, we have former Pakistani Captain Javed Miandad on our list at the 10th spot. He is regarded as the greatest batsman Pakistan has ever produced by some cricket experts. His legendary innings against India at Sharjah makes him as one of the best finishers in cricket history.

The most memorable innings by Javed Miandad came when Pakistan needed four runs on last ball against India in Sharjah Cup 1986. He won the that final for Pakistan in Style by hitting a six on the last ball. Apart from it, he was one of the leading run scorer for Pakistan in first World Cup title in 1992.

Even the first Pakistani Test Captain Hafeez Kardar described him as the find of the decade. His 116 runs in Asia Cup 1986 helped Pakistan record their first tournament victory against arch rival India. Above all, he earns his the one of the best finishers in cricket hsitory.


So, here is our list. Who do you think should make it on our list. Let us know in the comments.