Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in Cricket World (Updated 2023)

A speedy ball not only can send a batsman back to the pavilion, but also can hit in a dangerous way, if the batsman is not taking precautionary measurements. There are many legendary fast bowlers who were fearsome to the opponent batsman in past. But, today will be looking at the Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in Cricket World.

Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in Cricket World

Cricket has become a popular sport in modern day with world wide fans crossing 2 Billion mark. Both the batsman and bowler play a crucial role in the victory of a team. When a batsman provide big total with his good batting skills, the bowlers limit opponent from the chase through their fierce bowling spells.

Cricket’s past has record of legendary fast bowlers who created fear in the hearts of opponent batsman. Even, today young fast bowlers are spitting images of their legends. From Mitchell Starc to Shannon Gabriel and from Wahab Riaz to Umesh Yadav, Current Fastest Bowler in Cricket are a threat to top class batsmen.

Lets have a look at modern day Fastest Bowlers who replicate their ancestors.

Mitchell Starc [160.4 Kph]

Modern-day Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc tops our list of Fastest Bowlers in modern-day cricket. Starc plays the role of a left-arm fast bowler for Australia in international cricket. He joined the national Australian Cricket team in 2010.

Starc averages 143.2 mph bowling speed and he is the 2nd highest average bowler after Pat Cummins. he bowled his fastest ball at a speed of  160.4 kph against New Zealand in a ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match. Starc is regarded as one of the great fast bowlers in this age.

He has helped Australia won many matches in crucial moments of the match. Moreover, he also likes to attack the opening batsmen of opponent team with his aggressive pace. Therefore, he holds the top spot on our list of fastest bowlers in modern day cricket.

Wahab Riaz [149.6]

Pakistani star fast bowler Wahab Riaz holds the 2nd place on our list of fastest bowlers in cricket today. He bowled his fastest ball at a speed of 149.6 against England in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. He is an aggressive and fierce bowler who likes to challenge opponent batsmen.

In ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Wahab bold the most memorable bowling spell of this century against Australia. Former Australian All rounder Shane Watson furious Wahab in this match. Cricket fans still remember this fast bowling spell from Wahab Riaz.

His bowling speed averages 138+. However, when he is angry he leashes his wrath on opponent batsman.

Pat Cummins 149.2 [Kph]

Australian National fast bowler Pat Cummins takes the third spot on our list. He holds the fastest bowling average of 143.3 Kmh. Cummins bowled his fastest ball at a speed of 149.2 kph against England in a Champions Trophy match.


He was a top rated fast bowler in 2019 and 2020 by ICC. Pat Cummins has also picked up 164 tests, 111 ODI and 37 T20 wickets in his career so far.

Tymal Mills 149 [Kph]

English Cricketer Tymal Mills takes the 4th spot on our list. He holds a bowling speed average of 131.5 kph. Mills devlivered his fastest ball at a speed of 149 kph. 


Apart from national Cricket, Tymal Mills also played for Sussex in domestic cricket. He took three wickets against India in a T20 series in 2017.

Shannon Gabriel 148.2 Kph

Present Day Caribbean fast bowler Shannon Gabriel also puts together on our list at 5th position. He owns an average speed of 137.9 kph in his fast bowling career. He produced his fastest ball against Pakistan in a test match in 2017.

Apart from it, he also has picked up 144 tests and 33 ODI wickets in his international career so far. He is a regular test and part time bowler in ODI format.

Jasprit Bumrah 148.1 Kph

Present Day Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bhumrah also makes it on our list at the 6th spot. He bowled the fastest delivery of his International career at a speed of f 148.1 kph when India challenged their arch-rivals Pakistani in ICC Champion Trophy 2017 Final.

Bhumrah is a great fast bowler who has an average speed of 138.3 kph in his career. In his short career of 5 years since 2016, he owns the record of most ODI wickets and most Test Wickets in a Calendar year. He has helped India won many matches with his pace and great fast bowling skills.

Adam Milne 147.7 Kph

New Zealand’s present day fast bowler Adam Milne also makes it on our list at the 7th spot. He holds an average bowling speed of 138.4 kph, in his International career. In 2015, he bowled his fastest ball at a speed of 153.2 km/h.

Adam Milne have claimed 41 ODI and 28 T20 wickets in his International career. He debuted in 2010 and due to an injury in middle of his career, he played too little matches for New Zealand.

Liam Plunkett 147.3 Kph

English fast bowler Liam Plunkett also joins our list at the 8th position. He has an average bowling speed of 137 kph. He produced his fastest ball against South Africa at a speed of 147.3 in 2017.

Liam Plunkett was part of England’s team squad in Cricket World Cup 2019. He picked up three wickets in the final against New Zealand and played a crucial roles for England’s victory.

Kagiso Rabada 147 Kph

South African current fast bowler Kagiso Rabada also makes it on our list at the 9th place. He has a bowling average speed of 138.3 kph in his international games. He produced his fastest ball against England in 2017 at a speed of 147 kph.

Kagiso Rabada is South Africa’s main attack bowler in test and ODIs. He like to attack the top order of the opponent team with his pace. Rabada has won many games for South Africa with his fast bowling skills.

Umesh Yadav 146.6 Kph

Indian fast bowler Umesh Yadav makes the final spot on our list at the 10th place. Yadav has a bowling speed average of 138.7 kmh. He bowled his fastest ball at a speed of  146.6 kph against Sri Lanka in 2017.

Apart from bowling, Yadav is a great striker of the ball as well. He holds the record of highest strike rate in a test innings.

Fastest Balls in Modern Day Cricket

Rank Bowler Delivery Speed (Kph) Bowling Style Match Date
1 Mitchell Starc 160.4 Left Arm Australia vs New Zealand 10th June 2017
2 Wahab Riaz 149.6 Left Arm Champions Trophy 4 June 2015
3 Pat Cummins 149.2 Right Arm Champions Trophy: England v Australia 1 February 2017
4 Tymal Mills 149.0 Left Arm 3rd T20I: India v England 10 June 2017
5 Shannon Gabriel 148.2 Right Arm 3rd Test: West Indies v Pakistan 10 May 2017
6 Jasprit Bumrah 148.1 Right Arm Champions Trophy Final 18 June 2017
7 Adam Milne 147.7 Right Arm Champions Trophy: New Zealand v Bangladesh 9 June 2017
8 Liam Plunkett 147.3 Right Arm 3rd T20I: England v South Africa 10 July 2017
9 Kagiso Rabada 147.0 Right Arm 3rd Test: England v South Africa 27 July 2017
10 Umesh Yadav 146.6 Right Arm 1st Test: Sri Lanka v India 26 July 2017


Fastest Bowling Speed Average in Modern Day Cricket

Rank Bowler Average Speed (Kph) Fastest Delivery (Kph) Bowling Style Country
1 Pat Cummins 143.3 149.2 Right Arm Australia
2 Mitchell Starc 143.2 148.5 Left Arm Australia
3 Mohammad Amir 140.9 145.1 Left Arm Pakistan
4 Wahab Riaz 138.7 149.6 Left Arm Pakistan
5 Umesh Yadav 138.7 146.6 Right Arm India
6 Mark Wood 138.5 145.0 Right Arm England
7 Adam Milne 138.4 147.7 Right Arm New Zealand
8 Jasprit Bumrah 138.3 148.1 Right Arm India
9 Kagiso Rabada 138.3 147.0 Right Arm South Africa
10 Mohammed Shami 138.0 145.2 Right Arm India



So, here is our list. Who do you think should make it on our list? Let us know in the comments.