Top 10 Fastest Football Goals In History (All Times) | Updated 2023

They say Football is a game of focus and agility where it take only few seconds to score a goal. On the other side, some times 90 minutes are not enough to score a goal.

Football fans have seen some of the vey fast and speedy Forwards who managed to score in the last minutes of the game and claimed victory for their club. Here is the list of The 10 Fastest Football Goals in History.

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From Nicklas Bendtner to Alan Shearer, many legendary professional footballers scored fastest goals in the history of football. With their speed and agility, they set up many records and won their team many matches. Here is the list of The 10 Fastest Football Goals in History.

Nicklas Bendtner – 1.8 Seconds (Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur)

Former Danish Footballer Nicklas Bendtner holds the record for the fastest Football Goal in the history of the sport. He is well known for his ability in the air and physically strong body. During Premier League 2007/08 Arsenal vs Totenham match, he came as a substitute for Emanuel Eboue in the 76th minute of the game. He awaited for Cesc Fabregas to take a corner and then scored the fastest Goal in the history of football in 1.8 Seconds.

Nicklas Bendtner stepped into pitch and made beeline that resulted in the fastest goal in the history of the sport. This was the career high for the Danish Footballer. The Crowd started screaming to cheer this goal and Bendtner ran in the stadium to celebrate the goal.

Not many footballers have ever come close to what Nicklas achieved in his first Premier League Goal. Therefore, this now stands at the top of our list.

Marc Burrows – 2 Seconds (Cowes Sports vs. Eastleigh)

Late English Footballer Marc Burrows earns the 2nd spot on our list. During Wessex Premier League 2004 Cowes Sports vs Eastleigh match, he scored the fastest football goal in only 2 seconds that broke the record of World fastest goal by Ricardo Oliveira (2.8 seconds).

During the match, his striker teammate Michael Ponter rolled the ball to the March Burrows at the Forward position. Burrows took a mighty swing at the ball and the strong wind helped the ball to land straight for a goal in no time. Two days later, The Football Association confirmed it as the World’s fastest goal in the history of Football, breaking the previously held records.

However, Marc Burrows tragically died at the age of 30 after suffering months from Cancer. But, his fastest goal now stands as the 2nd Fastest Goal in football Sport. RIP Legend!.

Nawaf Al-Abed – 2.4 Seconds (Al-Hilal vs. Al-Shoalah)

Saudi Arabian Professional Footballer Nawaf Al Abed accounts for the 3rd fastest goal in the history of Foot ball. During Prince Faisal U21 Cup 2009 Al Hilal vs Al Shoalah match, he spotted Goal Keeper out of his position and kicked the ball from midlfield position. The strong wind helped the ball land into the net and it resulted in a Goal.

It only took Nawaf Al Abed 2.4 Seconds to score this goal. This is now believed to be the third fastest goal in the history of soccer. However, the match between Al Hilal vs Al shoalah was cancelled off due to Al Hilal making 6 players of the 21 age limit.

Nevertheless, Nawaf Al Abed holds the record for the third fastest Goal in the history of the game and he  deserves to be named on our list.

Jim Fryatt – 4 Seconds (Bradford vs. Tranmere Rovers

Late English Professional Footballer Jim Fryatt makes the 4th spot on our list. He is regarded as one of the Greatest English Footballer to ever play the regard. He established a World Record by scoring the fastest Goal in The Football League History. During The English Football League 1964 Bradford vs Tranmere Rovers he scored the fastest Goal in just 4 Seconds. This now holds as the 4th fastest Goal in the history of Football.

After the referee gave the starting whistle in Bradford vs Tranmere Rovers match, Jim Fryat kicked the ball so well from the midfield position that it landed into the net. This whole process only took 4 seconds for Jim Fryatt to set the fastest goal record in football history.

Jim Fryatt played for a number of Clubs during his period including Charlton Athletic, Southend United, Bradford Park Avenue, Southport and Stock Port Country. He formed a strike partnership with Bill Atkins in his time at the Stockport Country. They both were later inducted into the Club’s Hall of fame as a unit.

Rafael Leao – 6.2 Seconds (AC Milan vs. Sassuolo)

Current Portuguese Footballer Rafael Leao joins our list at the 5th spot. He is one of the emerging footballers nowadays. During Serie A 2020 match between AC Milan and Sassulo, Rafael Leao scored his fastest goal in jus 6.2 Seconds. This now holds the 5th fastest Goal in the history of the Sport.

Rafael Leao was holding his position as a forward when Referee gave the starting whistle. He received the ball from his teammates in no time and hit the ball with so much power that it fell into the net. With this goal, his team won the match by 2-1 against Sassuolo.

Apart from appearing in Serie A, Rafael has also debuted for Portugal National Football team in 2021. His fans hope to see more of his games in future.

Shane Long – 7.69 Seconds (Southampton vs. Watford)

Modern Day Irish Professional Footballer Shane Long also puts together on our list at the 6th spot. He is regarded as Pacey and promising footballer by the critics of this age. Shane Long scored his fastest goal during Southampton vs Watford Premier League match match in just 7.69 second of the match. This now holds as the 6th fastest goal in the history of Football.

After the starting whistle, Shane Long scored a magnificent goal against Watford in 7.69 seconds. He broke the fastest Goal record in Premier League by Ledley King. Apart from club football, Shane Long also plays soccer for Ireland National Football team. He has scored 17 goals in 88 appearances for Ireland.

Tim Cahill – 8 Seconds (New York Red Bulls vs. Houston Dynamo)

At number 7 we have Former Australian Footballer Tim Cahill on our list. He is the all time leading Goal Scorer for Australian National Football team. Moreover, he also was the first Australian to score at FIFA World Cup. Not only this, he also hold the record for most goals by an Australian in FIFA World Cups (5). During Major League Soccer New York Bulls vs Houston Dynamo match in 2013, he set his fastest goal record in just 8 seconds. This now stands as the 7th fastest goal in the history of Sport.

Tim Cahill was a star performer for Australia during his period. He is the FIFA World Cup 2015 winner for Australia. Moreover, he also won the OFC Nations Cups for Australia in 2004. Tim was also the first Australian to be honored in a FIFA World Cup Man of the Match award.

Roy Makaay – 10 Seconds (Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid)

Former Dutch Professional Footballer Roy Makaay earns the 8th spot on our list. He is known for his goal scoring ability among his fans and he is the leading goal scorer for Deportivo de La Coruña. Roy Makaay was given the nickname of Das Phantom (the phantom) for his ability to score a goal out of nowhere. During Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2007, he scored the fastest Goal in the history of UEFA Champions League. This also stands now as the 8th fastest goal in the history of football.

Roy Makaay received a cross from his teammate Hasan Salihamidžić and hit a goal in the net. It only took 10 seconds for Makaay to set the fastest Goal in the history of UEFA Champions League. He won the European Golden Shoe in 2002 for his most goals in the season.

Ledley King – 10 Seconds (Tottenham Hotspur vs. Bradford City)

Next we have Current English Football Coach and Former English Football player Ledely King taking up the 9th spot on out list. He played as a Defender for Tottenham Hostpur and England during his career. Ledely King is regarded as one of the best defenders in the Premier League. Besides, he scored his fastest goal during Tottenham vs Bradford City Premier League 2000 match in only 10 seconds. This now stands as the 9th fastest goal in the history of football.

Ledely King was 25 yards away from the net when he got the ball during the match. He struck the ball hard in a wicked deflection which resulted into a goal for his team. This was the moment, when King registered his name on the pages of history.

Alan Shearer – 10.4 Seconds (Newcastle United vs. Manchester City)

Finally we have Retired English professional Football player Alan Shearer making up the last spot on our list. He is widely regarded as best strikers of his generation and one of the greatest players in Premier League history. During Newcastle United vs Manchester City Premier League 2003 match, Alan Shearer scored his fastest goal in just 10.4 seconds. This now holds as the 10th fastest goal in the history of Football.

Alan Shearer won the UEFA European Championship Golden Boot in 1996. He was inducted into English football Hall of Fame in 2004. Last but not the least, he holds the most goals in Premier League record with his 260 goals.


So here is our list. Who do you think should be on our list. Let us know in the comment box