Argentina Team Kit/Jersey For FIFA World Cup 2026 (Official Release)

Like Argentina have announced their official team squad for FIFA World Cup 2026, the official team kit jerseys are also launched by the management. The former champion is looking forward to this season of world cup and Messi is quite fit and confident to take on the opposition wearing the stylish uniform.

Argentina kits are made by Adidas acquiring White and Sky Blue colors for mega event. Adidas is consistent with their culture of introducing new designs and perfect fabric too.

These new kits and uniforms are made with the inspiration of same shirts they worn back in 1993 winning 1993 Copa America, but this time the Adidas stripes are on shoulders in black colors instead of white.

Argentina team is looking forward to keep the nation motivated and energetic and that’s they are not wasting a single chance to get the boost of confidence away home. As you can see in the mages, Argentina new team kit for World Cup are quite attractive.

You can also buy the official team kit jersey of Argentina online by visiting the official website of Adidas. The shorts are purely black in color, while the stripes on the shoulders are also black in color. Logo of Argentina presents at left side, while the Adidas logo is situated at Right side of the shirt.