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FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream Smartphone Mobile Apps (Exact List)


Here is the complete guide on How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream on Mobile, Smartphones and Tablets. You can watch all the matches of World Cup 2018 (Russia) live online using smartphones, Apple devices and Tablets along with desktop and laptops as well. You just to go through accurate information and an exact procedure.

World Cup 2018 Live Stream Apps: There are various smartphones including android and IOS applications that are available free of cost on the internet, you just need to download those apps in your smartphones to enjoy the live stream on mobile in HD version. It does not matter that which mobile you are using, whether it’s android of any company of IOS/Apple mobiles, you can watch live streaming online via mobile in different corner of the world and that too free of cost.

Startimes Official Android App Live Stream: This is one of the most reliable mobile applications that would be offering World Cup 2018 live streaming on mobiles in different corners of the world. You can download the official applications of Smart Times on Google Playstore to enjoy the live stream.

CNBC Sports Android App Live Stream: CNBC Sports is also in the list of those smartphone apps which will be providing the live stream on their official mobile app too.

FIFA Android App Live Stream: The official android mobile application is also responsible to provide the live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2018 on mobile for free and paid in different regions of the world.

BBC Sports App Live Stream: “British Broadcasting Corporation” (BBC) will be also providing the live stream in mobile through their mobile application that is available on Google Playstore.


Note: Download the mentioned above smartphones from GoogleApp Store. Some of these apps may make some changes regarding to their cost or free versions.

Russia Team Kit/Jersey World Cup 2018 (Official Released)


Russia, the host of FIFA World Cup 2018 has launched their official team jersey for the mega event to be started in June. Many of the team which are taking part in this event have released their kit and some of them’ kits are leaked online. Adidas successfully managed to get the rights and deal done for making Russia team kit for World Cup on larger scale.

The latest launched team kit of Russia is red in color with the combination of white color that is placed on shirts in form of stripes. The right side of shirt acquires logo of Adidas, while left is having the logo of Russia.

On the other side, collar is having total white stripes, you can also see the white stripes on sleeves and under the shoulder arms as well. The shorts are totally in white color.

New design of Russia kit for World Cup is totally inspired by the styles and format that was used during the Soviet Union National Football team back in 1980s which was the strongest team at that time. This kind of interest in designing the kits openly shows their interest on football heritage of this country and their consistency too.

Belgium Team Kit/Jersey World Cup 2018 (Official Release)


Like all the other teams, Belgium have also launched their official team kit for the FIFA World Cup 2018 and this time the Adidas won the race in getting the rights of official jersey of Belgium. Belgium had been the best team in Euro.

Away home kits of Belgium are designed in Red color having stripes of Yellow color, while the shorts are black in color. Shoulders are having stripes of Red and Black color, along with the logo of Adidas for their branding, of course.

The combination of Yellow, Red and Black color is quite fascinating and attractive to the fans. Belgium official team and jersey “Home & Away Home” are also available for sale and you can buy it online.

As you can see in the images given above, the Belgium new Adidas kit for World Cup 2018, the combination of Yellow and Red color is quite an eye catchy one. Logo of Belgium flag is place in the center of shirt.

Argentina Team Kit/Jersey For World Cup 2018 (Official Release)


Like Argentina have announced their official team squad for FIFA World Cup 2018, the official team kit jerseys are also launched by the management. The former champion is looking forward to this season of world cup and Messi is quite fit and confident to take on the opposition wearing the stylish uniform.

Argentina kits are made by Adidas acquiring White and Sky Blue colors for mega event. Adidas is consistent with their culture of introducing new designs and perfect fabric too.

These new kits and uniforms are made with the inspiration of same shirts they worn back in 1993 winning 1993 Copa America, but this time the Adidas stripes are on shoulders in black colors instead of white.

Argentina team is looking forward to keep the nation motivated and energetic and that’s they are not wasting a single chance to get the boost of confidence away home. As you can see in the mages, Argentina new team kit for World Cup are quite attractive.

You can also buy the official team kit jersey of Argentina online by visiting the official website of Adidas. The shorts are purely black in color, while the stripes on the shoulders are also black in color. Logo of Argentina presents at left side, while the Adidas logo is situated at Right side of the shirt.

Egypt Team Kit/Jersey World Cup 2018 (Official Release)


The official team kit & jersey of Egypt for FIFA World Cup 2018 has been launched by the officials and this time the kits are made by famous company Adidas. According to the latest launched team kit, the new Adidas uniforms of Egypt are different than the previous ones.

Home kit of Egypt are red in color with expensive and player friendly fabric is also used. However, the combination of Red and Black color is quite attractive to the fans. While the division of color is not as per to the demand of fans. The dose of Black color at Arms and shoulders has been minimized.

White stripes are placed at sides of shirts, while the logo of Egypt has been placed on the left side, while right sideis having logo of Adidas.


Brazil Team Kit/Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018 (Officially Launched)


The official team of Brazil for FIFA World Cup 2018 has been officially released and that’s quite versatile jersey or kit of the former champion for this season of World Cup to be held in Russ. They have used their traditional “Yellow” color this time too, while the stripes and logo is different than before.

Nike made Official Team Uniform of Brazil for World Cup 2018 is shaded in Yellow and Blue color that they used back in 1970 when Brazil won the title of champions. The designers have designed with style and culture touch together that really attracts the fan.

Brazil Official Team Squad & Lineups For World Cup 2018

There are few stripes of green color on the collar side having dots of blue color along with the logo of Nike at front. As far as the away kits are concerned, then the World Cup is being help away Brazil and they would use the away home team kit and these kits acquired by Yellow and Blue color. This pattern is pasted just because to refresh the memories when they won the event in 1958 that was also a combination of Blue and Yellow color.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prediction, Who Will Win (Bracket Prediction)

FIFA World Cup 2018 is approaching now and the day of beginning the mega event is near. The qualification round for the World Cup 2018 has been over and total 32 teams have been finalized for the universal mega event too. There are few of the 32 teams who are hot favorite for the title including Italy, Holland and Chille. On the other side, Germany, Spain and Belgium are the top favorite this time like always along with Brazil and France. Lets take a look at “World Cup Draw”.

These 32 teams are divided into 8 groups total and each group contains 4 teams. We have made a prediction on the behalf of team squads and international repute based on their history and performance in recent years at home and away home. As per to the rules, The group winners and runners up of different groups would face each other in the quarter final round. The prediction is given below in the “Info Graphics” which is based on runners-up and winners of groups.

As per to the rule of FIFA World Cup 2018 rules and regulations, the Runners-Up from Group B and winner of Group A, while the Group C winners would take on Group D Runners-Up. The same goes with Group D Runners-Up Vs Winners from Group C.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Prediction (Belgium vs Argentina)

According to our prediction about World Cup 2018 Finalists, we have placed Belgium Vs Argentina and you probably rasinng the question that why Belgium and Argentina, so here is the explanation. If Argentina make back to back victory in Group D, they would play against Peru and on the other side France would win from Group C. During the quarter final stage, Argentina will take on Spain that would be a big test of nerves for them.

This time Argentina could beat Spain that is the opposite expectation for the last friendly match in which Spain defeated them by 1-6, but Argentina at that time was lacking some key players including legendary Lionel Messi. This time Spain could be defeated by Argentina and they could make it to the final. Last time, Argentina made to final and lost the game against Germany, so this time once again they would take revenge.

Leave your Prediction In Comments.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Team Kits/Uniform (All 32 Teams)


The mega event of Football is set to be kicked off in Russia on 15th June, 2018 after 4 years. Germany will defend their championship in Russia in front of 31 teams which looks quite difficult this time. Here are the official team kits and jerseys of all the participants in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Total 23 teams done their deal Nike and Nike would be responsible to provide team kits and jerseys to those 23 teams. On the other side Puma and Adidas have also secured deals with different teams for the same purpose.  As you can see in the image below, Nike won the race and successfully acquired the deal. Australia, Brazil, Croatia and England will get the kits from Nike.

Argentina Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Belgium Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Colombia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Egypt Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Germany Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Iran Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Japan Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Mexico Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Morocco Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Spain Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Sweden Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Australia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Brazil Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Croatia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

England Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

France Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Nigeria Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Poland Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Portugal Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Saudi Arabia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

South Korea Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Costa Rica Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Panama Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Switzerland Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Uruguay Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Senegal Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Peru Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Serbia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Iceland Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Denmark Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Tunisia Jersey FIFA World Cup 2018

Inter Milan Kit/Jersey Home & Away Home 2018-19 (Leaked)


Inter Milan kits 2018-19 season are leaked including their home & away home along with third kit. You can see the entire kit & jersey below in the images. According to the reliable sources, the new official kit is leaked online, but the officials have yet to confirm that is it a rumor or a reality.

This football club always been on the front foot for the stylish language, whether it’s in kit behalf of the way their players perform on the field. These kits are once again expected to be manufactured by Nike this time as per to the contract they signed or extended back in 2016.

These new kits (Home, Away Home & Third) by Inter Milan are made in color along with the combination of black. The stripes are black in colors, while blue color is dominating in rest of kit straight. Logo is placed on the left side, right sideof shirt contains logo of sponsor or manufacture.

Football Teams Kits Home & Away Home 2018-19 (Leaked)


All football clubs have launched their team kit officially worldwide. Thes kits include home, away home and third kit by different international brands including Puma, Nike and Addidas. Different football clubs spend millions of dollars on their kits that is pretty a huge investment on the uniform since few of the football clubs set the trend. Here we are going to reveal the football kits of all the football clubs 2018-19 worldwide who have recently launched their team kits.

The new arrival of kits by the football clubs is pretty attractive. Few of the clubs have successfully created an impressive collection, but some of them made normal changes as per the public liking and disliking. Like Arsenal have made some slight changes in design, but the color is not the changed yet as they have kept “Red” color as leading, while the white color as supporting is still part of Arsenal kits.

Villarreal Sevilla Real Sociedad Real Madrid
Malaga Leganes Levante UD Las Palmas
RC Deportivo Celta de Vigo Real Betis FC Barcelona
Girona FC Getafe Espanyol SD Eibar
Atletic Madrid Athletic Bilbao Alaves West Ham
West Bromwich Watford Tottenham Swansea
Stoke City Southampton Newcastle United Manchester City
Liverpool Leicester City Huddersfield Everton
Crysta Palace Burnely Brighton Bournemouth
Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United

Barcelona this time has launched one of the attractive and stylish team kits including away home and third kit. On the other side, Real Madrid has successfully maintained their rhythm with White color.  People have gone mad over Manchester United home & away home team kit on the behalf of their cool and elegant style. None of these clubs has modified or made some changes in it’s logo.

The table is mentioned above, you just need to click on team kit, a new tab will be open that will lead you the dedicated article of team kit each. For further updates and leaked news, keep visiting Sportsala.