Top 25 Footballers With Highest Salaries In World [2023 Updated]

Top 25 Footballers With Highest Salaries In World Football Cristiano Ronaldo with a $ 321.5 million net worth and annual earnings of $ 24.4 million is holding the top position of the world’s richest football players although Ronaldo earns £ 5 million less than Messi in terms of football contracts this superstar due to his global portfolio of more than 3.5 million followers remained in limelight for different sports brands like Nike, Tag Heuer, and Armani.

No doubt the sponsorship deals for Ronaldo are way far than those offered to Messi who earns $33.4 million annually and his annual gross income increased after the renewal of his contract with Barcelona.

The Argentine Superstar Lionel Messi holds a net worth of $295 million whereas he makes $ 27 million in terms of his contracts with different sponsors like Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines. Messi plays for Barcelona in Spanish Liga as a striker and he is the leading goal scorer of this football league. As per the news, Lionel Messi also runs his own business and earns $50 million annually apart from his football and endorsement deals with different big brands.

Top 20 Footballers With Highest Salary In 2023 Season
1 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) £365,000 after tax £17.5 million after tax
2 Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) £350,000 after tax £16.8 million after tax
3 Neymar (PSG) £600,000 £28.8 million
4 Oscar (Shanghai SIPG) £375,000 £18 million
5 Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) £350,000 £16.8 million
6 Alexis Sanchez (Manchester United) £350,000 £16.8 million
7 Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) £320,000 £15.3 million
8 Hulk (Shanghai SIPG) £320,000 £15.3 million
9 Mesut Ozil (Arsenal) £300,000 £14.4 million
10 Luis Suarez (Barcelona) £290,000 £13.9 million
11 Ezequiel Lavezzi (Hebei China Fortune) £290,000 £13.9 million
12 Paul Pogba (Manchester United) £290,000 £13.9 million
13 Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) £290,000 £13.9 million
14 Pelle (Shandong Luneng Taishan) £260,000 £12.5 million
15 Sergio Aguero (Man City) £260,000 £12.5 million
16 David De Gea (ManUtd) – New 5 year deal £250,000 £12 million
16 David Silva (Man City) £250,000 £12 million
17 Eden Hazard (Chelsea) £220,000 £10.5 million
18 Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea) £220,000 £10.5 million
19 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) £220,000 £10.5 million
20 Yaya Toure (Man City) £220,000 £10.5 million
21 Ramirez (Jiangsu Suning) £220,000 £10.5 million
22 Jackson Martinez (Guangzhou) £210,000 £10 million
23 Alexis Teixeira (Jiangsu Suning) £210,000 £10 million
25 Romelu Lukaku (Man Utd) £200,000 £9.6 million

Neymar is the 3rd richest footballer on the planet with annual earnings of £ 28.8 million. Neymer joined Messi and Ronaldo after moving to PSG last summer and earn a huge contract of £200 million and broke the world transfer record. Neymar also earns $17 million annuially in terms of different endorsement contracts with different brands like Nike, Gilette and Red Bull and he runs his own business company named NN Consultoria and earns $73 million from this business.