Highest Win Percentage for Pakistan Captians in ODIs ( Min 20 Matches)

Shoaib Malik leads in the Highest Win Percentage for Pakistani Captains in ODIs, is it a worrying point for Sarfraz? Following the four matches ban on Sarfraz, Shoaib Malik is leading Pakistani team in the ODI Series. Whereas, Sarfraz has reached back to Pakistan. Will, Shoaib Malik lead Pakistani in the forthcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019? Lets have a look on the highest win Percentage Table.


Captain Matches Won Lost Tied/No Result Win%
Shoaib Malik 37 25 12 0/0 67.56
Salim Malik 34 21 11
Sarfraz Ahmed 35 21 13 0/1 61.76
Waqar Younis 61 37 23 0/1 61.66
Inzamam ul Haq 87 51
0/3 60.71


It looks like, Shoaib Malik has gotten Sarfraz Ahmed in the captaincy stats. However, we hope that Pakistan comes up with a better captain in the CWC 2019.