ICC Will Reward Cricketers With Hall of Fame Award Since 1918 to 2021

ICC To Honor 10 Cricket Legends “With Hall of Fame” From 5 Different Eras – (1918 To 2021)

The international cricket council (ICC) is planning to compile an official list of hall of famers which consists of 10 members from different regions and different tenures. There are numerous rules and elite criteria for former cricketers that are to be picked by ICC.

ICC created 10 spots and will pick 10 different cricketers from different eras and will reward them with their biggest award “Hall of Fame”. There are already 93 cricketers already in that dictionary and now the international cricket council is looking forward to add 10 more and make them 103 in total.

ICC Will Reward Cricketers With Hall of Fame Award Since 1918 to 2021
Current Hall of Famers in One Pick . Image Courtesy “SambadEnglish”

This chain of “Hall of Fame” cricketers consists of 5 different eras and ICC will pick two players from each era. The tenure and duration is mentioned below.

  • Early Cricket (1918)
  • Inter-War Cricket Era (1918 – 1945)
  • Post War-Cricket (1946 – 1970)
  • ODI Era (1971 – 1995)
  • Modern Cricket Era (1996 – 2016)

While, the 10 names of legends are yet to be announced, but European and Australian cricketers are top of the list as they will occupy more space than the Asian ones. The 10 legends will be picked by Voting Academy and proper procedure that will be under supervision of FICA (Federation of International Cricketer’s Association), credible international cricket journalists and most senior members of ICC’ board of directorate.

“We are pleased to celebrate the history of cricket and what could be another best possible way to celebrate this thing. We are going to give honor to the legendary cricketers of every era who brought massive success to cricket and built a legacy that is fruitful and will help countless upcoming young generations for the next so many years”, said the current active ICC CEO Geoff Allardice.