ICC World Cup Super League Schedule, Points Table & Fixtures 2022-23

Get ICC Cricket World Cup Super League latest Rankings and Points Table. ICC ODI Super League 2022-23 Groups, Teams and Schedule is available on this page. ICC ODI Super League will decide the participating teams of the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup 2023.

ICC World Cup Super League is an ongoing tournament among 13-cricketing sides. This ongoing league will help 8- teams to qualify for the main rounds of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, while the remaining 5-teams will appear in World Cup 2023 Qualifiers Rounds.

According to the official schedule, each team will play 3-match ODI series against the other 8 teams out of the 12. It includes the 4-homes series and 4-away series. Hence, each side will get an equal chance to avail their home ground conditions to remain in the tournament.

India will host the ICC ODI World Cup in 2023. As per rules, the hosting country automatically qualifies for the main rounds of the World Cup. Hence, the ICC Super League will decide the 7-other teams that will join India in the Super-12 matches of this event.

The World Cup 2023 qualifier will feature 10-teams. Out of 10-teams, 5-sides will be for ODI Super League, 3-sides from ODI Super League 2, and 2-teams from Challenge League. The 2-teams finished top in the World Cup Qualifiers will join the remaining 8-teams in the ICC World Cup 2023.

ICC ODI Super League Teams 2022-23

The ongoing ICC ODI Super League consists of 13-cricketing sides from all parts of the world. The list includes Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, India, Netherlands, and Zimbabwe.

Each team will play 3-match ODI series against 8-other sides of this event. At the end of the ICC ODI Super League, the top 7-teams on the points table will directly qualify for the main rounds of ICC World Cup 2022, as India has directly qualified because of its hosting rights for this tournament.

ICC ODI Super League 2022-23 Schedule

As per the ICC Super League Schedule, each team will appear in 3-match ODI series against 8-other teams while skipping the 4-remaining teams of the group. The schedule includes a 4-home series and 4-away series for each side.

The opening series of ICC Super League was played between Ireland vs England back in 2020. Many bilateral ODI series that are the part of this league have taken place, while some other ODI series are scheduled in future.

  • Team: Netherlands vs Pakistan
  • Month: August 2022
  • Team: West Indies vs New Zealand
  • Month: Agusut 2022
  • Team: Zimbabwe vs India
  • Month: August 2022
  • Teams: Australia vs Zimbabwe
  • Month: August 2022
  • Teams: Australia vs New Zealand
  • Month: September 2022
  • Teams: India v South Africa
  • Month: October 2022
  • Teams: New Zealand v India
  • Month: November 2022
  • Teams: Australia v South Africa
  • Month: January 2023
  • Teams: Pakistan v New Zealand
  • Month: January 2023
  • Teams: South Africa v England
  • Month: February 2023
  • Teams: New Zealand v Sri Lanka
  • Month: March 2023
  • Teams: Bangladesh v England
  • Month: March 2023
  • Teams: Ireland v Bangladesh
  • Month: May 2023

ICC ODI Super League 2022-23 Points Table

The participating teams of ICC ODI Super League will play 24-ODI matches against other teams. The winning team of each ODI match will claim 10-points, whereas 5-5 points will be given to each side if the match ends without a result.

Currently, England is dominating the ICC Super League Points Table with 125 points. The team has won 12 matches out of 18 while losing only 5. Bangladesh holds the 2nd position with 120 points, while Afghanistan hangs on 3rd place with 10 points.

Position Team Matches Played Won Lost No Result Points NRR
1 England 18 12 5 1 125 1.219
2 Bangladesh 18 12 6 0 120 0.384
3 Afghanistan 12 10 2 0 100 0.563
4 New Zealand 9 9 0 0 90 1.646
5 Pakistan 15 9 6 0 90 0.095
6 West Indies 21 8 13 1 80 −0.823
7 India (Q) 12 8 4 0 79 0.416
8 Australia 12 7 5 0 70 0.496
9 Ireland 21 6 13 2 68 −0.382
10 Sri Lanka 18 6 11 1 62 −0.031
11 South Africa 13 4 7 2 49 −0.206
12 Zimbabwe 15 3 11 1 35 −0.924
13 Netherlands 16 2 13 1 25 −1.240

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