India vs Pakistan world cup match, what to do if your team is losing?

There are certain things that one person can not deny in Subcontinent ( India and Pakistan) Like Mehndi on a Bride’s hand or Sweats on special occasions. However, nothing can beat the level of cricket when it comes to the cricket in India and Pakistan, Cricket is like a religion. Furthermore, excitement touches the heights on new levels when India and Pakistan encounter each other in a cricket match. But, as we all know Cricket World Cup 2019 is happening with all its ups and down, cricket fans are eagerly waiting for India vs Pakistan CWC match.

Now, the wait is over, as India takes on Pakistan on Sunday 16th June 2019 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester. Given that, their is long going on rivalry between India and Pakistan, there are certain precautions to be taken while or after watching this match.

India vs Pakistan world cup match, what to do if your team is losing?

Do not think of this match as a war between these two nations. Though, they have a lot of differences between them, but come on, its just a cricket match. Cheer up when your team hits sixes or takes wickets. But do not get disappointed if you see your opponent team doing well against your country. Have faith on your players, your captain will figure something out with his experience. Following are the most important rules to follow, if you think your team is losing the match.

  1. Do not watch this match in the first place, if you are a heart patient or suffer from High Blood Pressure, even if you want to.
  2. Keep Calm and let your players do their thing, hope your captain will get things done with his experience.
  3. If you think your are choking and have trouble in breathing, while your favorite players gets out, stop watching the match right now and just a 2 minute walk out side. Take long breath and get your strength back. OMG! the next player has hit a beautiful fifty while you were out.
  4. Do not mock your neighbors in your excitement, may be after the first innings, odds may turn against your team.
  5. If you think your team is losing, pray before your God. Prayers sometimes replace the match results.
  6. Do not think of breaking your T.V or hitting some one in anger. It was just a game and your team will get revenge next time.
  7. If your team has lost at the end of the match, take long breath and play some games on your mobile. We do not recommend using Social media, in case your team have been defeated by the opponent side.
  8. We also do not suggest to meet friends or family members after your team has lost this match, as you may hurt one.
  9. Do not turn on your media TV Channels, as things will get only worse. They will be spreadingthe negative energy, you do not want.
  10. Its all about cricket. Your team once defeated the opponent side. They will defeat them again. So cheer up Yarr. The World is not going to end. Smile and stand with your team. They need your support for defeating the opponent side, next time.