Lionel Messi Net Worth & Earnig Of All Times (Revealed) 2023

Lionel Messi with net worth of $ 400 million is considered as the 2nd highest paid athlete of the world after boxer Floyed Mayweather. As per the reports Messi earned more than 80$ million in terms of salary and bonuses without tax over the past year and pulled in $ 27 million through making different endorsement deals with different sports brands.

Messi after extension of his contract with FC Barcelona till 2021 earns £ 26.4 million annually in terms of this deal after paying tax. Messi makes $ 27 million in terms of endorsement deals with different sponsors like Adidas, Pepsi, Gillete and Turkish Airlines.  According to reports Lionel Messi also runs his own business and earn $50 million annual apart from his football and endorsement deals with different big brands.

  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Annual Earning: $40 Million
  • Club Earning: $27 Million
  • Endorsement Deals: $27 Million
  • Business Earning: $50 Million
Lionel Messi Salary History
February 2004 Messi’s youth contract with Barcelona, an 8 year deal (2004-2012) but with tier based clauses. Initial Messi earned €1500 a week but his salary was increased to €10,000 a week after he played for Barcelona first team in friendly match. €1500 a week
June 2005 Messi signed financially improved 5 year-deal (2005 to 2010) on his 18th birthday. This was his first contract as a Barcelona first team player and he became the highest paid teenager in football. €25,000 a week €1.2 million
September 2005 In just three months after signing his first contract extension taking his contract till 2014 and doubling his weekly salary €50,000 a week €2.4 million
March 2007 Barcelona offered him improved 5 year deal in March 2007 after he scored his first hattrick as Barcelona player against Real Madrid. €100,000 a week €4.8 million
July 2008 Messi signed another contract extension which made him the highest paid Barcelona player and also inheriting Ronaldinho’s number 10 shirt. €162,000 a week €7.8 million
September 2009 After winning Champions League with Barcelona, Messi signed another contract extension 7 year deal (2009 to 2016) a financially improved contract making him highest paid player in the world. €250,000 a week €12 million
February 2013 Another contract extension followed keeping him at the club till 2018 and earned a fixed wage of .€13 million a yearh €270,000 a week €13 million
19 May 2014 Messi signed what will become the unique and most lucrative professional deal in football with Messi earning €20 million after tax. costing Barcelona around €36 million a year €400,000 a week after tax €20 million (after tax)
05 July 2017 Lionel Messi extended his contract with Barcelona till 2021 and this financially improved deal will see him earn €550,000 a week. €550,000 a week after tax €29.2 million (after tax)

The 30-year old footballer is currently playing as forward for FC Barcelona and also the captain of Argentina national team is announced as 2nd richest athlete of the world with weekly earnings of £500,000. Messi started off his career with FC Barcelona back in 2000 as Youth team player and club agreed to pay him $ 1000 monthly. At the age of 16 Messi made his 1st appearance of FC Barcelona against Porto back in 2003. The earlier earning of Messi was barely €1500 a week

The lifetime achievements of Lionel Messi include:

  • IFFHS World’s Best Top Division Scorer (2012, 2013, 2017)
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2011 (Golden Boot)
  • Copa America Best Goal (2007)
  • Top Goal Scorer for Club and Country in 2012 (91 goals)