Premier League Players Salaries Top 20 Clubs 2023 (Leaked Bill)

We have gathered a lots of authentic and leaked data (information) about Premier League players salaries for 2018-23 season and the bill is based on Weekly and Annual wage. According to the latest bill, players from Manchester City and Manchester united are dominating the list by heavily being paid. Back in 2015-16, Chelsea was leading the numbers, while in 2016-17, Chelsea once again got the top position in order to paying the players and the bill worth total 215 Million back then.

But this time, both Manchester teams are leading the figures because their wage bill consists of 220.8m. As you can see in the table given below, the Manchester City is at top as this club is going to spend about 220.8M to pay the players on weekly or annually wages system. Last time Manchester United spent 203m back in 2016-17, but now the club has increased that bill to 220m.

Premier League Clubs Wage Bill For 2018-23 Season
NO# CLUB 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 Manchester City £216m £205m £193.8m £225m
2 Manchester United £187m £215.8m £203m £220.8m
3 Chelsea £190m £192.7m £215.6m £218m
4 Arsenal £166.4m £180.4m £192m £200.5m
5 Liverpool £140m £144m £152m £165.6m
6 Tottenham £112m £100.4m £110.5m £121.2m
7 Everton £66m £69.3m £74.7m £83m
8 West Ham United £60m £63.9m £69.5m £79.8m
9 Stoke City £55m £60.6m £72.3m £75.9m
10 Sunderland £55m £69.5m £71m £68.3m
11 Leicester City £36.6m £48.2m £66m
12 West Bromwich £49m £65.4m £68.5m £65m
13 Southampton £47m £55.2m £59.5m £63.6m
14 Swansea City £55m £48.1m £51m £59m
15 Crystal Palace £45.7m £54.3m £55m
16 Watford £29m £41m
17 Bournemouth £25m £34m
18 Middlesbrough £34m
19 Burnley £29m £33m
20 Hull City £34m £25m

On the other side, Leicester City has a bill of 48.2m that has been increased to {2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}100 for the Premier League 2018-23 season.