Richest Horse Jockeys In World (All Times) – Updated 2023

Horse Racing is one of the oldest sports in the world as well as popular one too. Horse racing has gone to professional to the next level. There is a lot of money involved in horse racing and the world has witnessed some sort of outstanding performances too. The past winners and money earners belong to Canada, South America and United States of America during last few years.

According to the recent stats that we come across, John Velazquez is standing at top of the list by winning a total prize money of $368 Million in his career so far. While on the counter side, Mike Earl Smith is standing at 2nd position. He took in 32,880 races events and got first position in approximately 5,414. As you can see the whole list of richest Jockeys in the World. Russel Baze has more winning percentage (24{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}) more than any other, but his total earning so far is $199 Million.

All-time Richest Horse Jockeys in the World
Jockey’s 1st Position Total Earnings Starts Career Winning ({2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45})
John Velazquez 5,760 $368 Million 31,702 18{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Mike Earl Smith 5,414 $300 Million 32,880 16{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Pat Day 8,803 $297 Million 40,299 22{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Jerry Bailey 5,894 $296 Million 30,857 19{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Javier Castellano 4,737 $285 Million 26,053 18{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Kent Desormeaux 5,877 $272 Million 30,873 19{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Edgar Prado 6,960 $264 Million 38,378 18{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Chris McCarron 7,141 $263 Million 34,240 21{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Gary Stevens 5,110 $252 Million 28,941 18{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Alex Solis 5,035 $238 Million 33,966 15{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Laffit Pincay Jr 9,530 $237 Million 48,486 20{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Corey Nakatani 3,864 $230 Million 23,433 16{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Robby Albarado 5,066 $209 Million 31,984 16{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Garrett Gomez 3,796 $205 Million 21,639 17{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Russel Baze 12,842 $199 Million 53,578 24{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Eddie Delahoussaye 6,383 $195 Million 39,212 16{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Victor Espinoza 3,327 $195 Million 21,739 15{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Ramon Dominguez 4985 $194 Million 21,267 23{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Rafael Bejarano 3,833 $191 Million 18,515 21{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
Jose Santos 4,083 $187 Million 25,919 16{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}
  1. John Velazquez ($368 Million)

He is one of the best and most professional Horse Jockeys in history of Horse Racing. Has taken part in total 31,702 race and have won almost 5,760. While he got 2nd position in rest of 4,649 races.

  1. Pat Day ($300 Million)

Pat Day, the “Hall of Famer” Jockey is also in the list of richest Horse Jockeys of all times. He won Eclipse Award of Outstanding Jockey for four times. He is a real legend on the behalf of his performances and maintained his legacy successfully.