Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time – (Updated)

Cricket is a game of passion and skills that requires extreme efforts from its players. But sometimes funny things happen during the match play and become the part of memories of Cricket viewers. Here are the Top 10 Funny Cricket Moments of all times.

Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time

1. Mark Richardson Yowling Cramps

New Zealand Top order batsman Mark Richardson takes the top spot on our list with his funny moment of Yowling Muscle Cramps. This is regarded as the funniest moment of Cricket history. It was so funny that whole crowd started laughing including the empires and fielders on the ground.

During India vs New Zealand test match Mark struck the ball to the deep third man position. While doing so, he suddenly suffered a muscle cramp which resulted in a yowl. Mark turned around and fell down. He started laughing with the pain while he was lying down. His batting partner, Indian fielders and empires rushed to him while laughing to check what has happened.

After that, Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid came to Mark and give his hand for the help. He lifted Mark and silently walked away without laughing or mocking Mark. Nevertheless, this still stands as the funniest moment in the cricket history.

2. Lou Vincent Getting Hit on the Head

Next we have New Zealand Cricketer Lou Vincent getting hit on the head in our funny moment of cricket. During Pakistan vs New Zealand match, the funny thing happened when the Jathon Patel on the Deep Backward point hit Luo Vincent with the ball while trying to throw the ball to the wicket-keeper.

The throw was so severe that Lou Vincent immediately fell off to the ground. The doctor came running to see, if Lou has been injured by the hit. Every Kiwi Fielder including Pakistani batsman Shoaib Malik walked up to him, to see the damage.

However, after good analysis by the doctor, Lou was declared all right. He walked up to his fielding position to continue the play. This is now regarded as one of the funniest moment in cricket history.

3. Inzamam ul Haq hitting wickets for an out

Legendary Pakistani Batsman Inzamam ul Haq joins our countdown at the 3rd place. Due to his tall and heavy size he gave many funniest moments to the cricket fans. Though, he is regarded as one of the greatest batsman in Pakistan cricket history, His funny run-out compilation video on YouTube has more than 150K views. However, his most funny moment happened with him hitting wickets and getting out in a hilarious fashion.

During a test match against England in Pakistan tour of England series, Inzamam ul haq wickets during the over of Montey Pannesar. While trying to go for a sweep shot, he could not hold his weight and fell on the wickets. That resulted in to him walking out to the pavilion.

This moment is also regarded as the most funny out in the history of cricket. Thus, Inzamam ul haq earns his name on our list of most funny moments in cricket history.

4. Ajit Agarkar raising his bat after scoring a single

Former Indian all-rounder Ajit Agarkar joins our list at the 4th spot. He is regarded as one of the most successful Indian bowlers in ODIs who played in the 1999 and 2007 Cricket World Cups. However, a funny thing happened in his career, when he raised the bat after taking a single against Australia.

This funny moment happened in a test match of India tour of Australia test series. Agarkar had scored seven ducks before the match, and when he finally opened his account. He raised his bat as if he has scored a hundred against Australia.

The moment was so funny, that Ajit Agarkar himself started laughing after scoring the single. Thus, this funny moments by Agarkar deserves to be on our list.

5. Tillakaratne Dilshan getting hit on the head

Legendary Sri Lankan Batsman and wicket-keeper Tillakaratne grabs the 5th spot on our list of funny cricket moments. He learned the lesson of gravity when he was hit by the ball he threw up to the sky to celebrate a wicket. As they say, what goes up, naturally comes down. The ball came down and hit the middle of his head, and he look here and there to know what has happened with him.

The moment happened between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. During the match, Dilshan caught a ball and thought that it has contacted the batsman’s bat. So, he threw the ball up and appealed empire Simon Tofel for a catch. Empire denied the appeal and suddenly the ball which Dislhan tossed up out of nowhere came down and hit his head.

After realizing his mistake, he laughed for a while and continued with the play. This now stands as one of the funniest moments in cricket history.

6. Billy Bowden Shows red card to Glenn McGrath

Next we have umpire Billy Bowden showing red card to Glenn McGrath at the 6th spot on our list. He is regarded as the funniest umpire in the game of cricket, who entertained cricket fans with his funny umpiring actions. During Australia vs New Zealand T20 match, he showed McGrath red card in the funny way.

New Zealand needed 45 run on the last ball to win the match which was an impossible task. McGrath decided to mimic the Blind Bowler and threw the ball as per rules of Blind Cricket. He did not threw the ball and showed that he was just being funny.

Billy Bowden showed red card to disciple funny McGrath in a funny way. New Zealand lost the match, but this moment still remains the funniest moment in cricket.

7. Andrew Strauss breaks his glasses with the ball throw

At number 7, we have Andrew Straus breaking up the his sunglasses with the ball throw. The moment was so funny that all the England fielders started laughing at Andrew Strauss. During England vs South Africa, the batsman struck the ball to Strauss who was standing at the Short Leg position. The batsman started running to complete the single.

Andrew realizing the situation quickly grabbed the ball and tossed it to the wicketkeeper. In the course, his sunglasses came off and the ball he threw to the wicket-keeper tore apart his sun-glasses. Every one in the field, started laughing to enjoy this funny moment.

8. Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble’s funny running

Next we have Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble involved in a funny running on 8th spot in our list. Master Blaster and India’s legendary test bowler was caught off the guard while running for a double. This is regarded as one of the funny moments in Cricket history. In India vs Bangladesh test match, Sachin Tendulkar clipped the ball the leg side and started for running. After completing the first run, his partner Anil Kumble begun running for the second run.

Sachin on the other end, hesitated at first, but he too rushed to complete the 2nd run. Meanwhile, the fielder on the leg side, threw the ball to the wicket-keeper which he could not grab safely. The stumps came off with the wicket-keeper’s hands instead of the ball. Realizing his mistakes, he threw the ball to the bowler at the other end.

Before he could run out kumble, The Indian batsman safely made it to the line. The commentator while making the remarks said” Hold your breath every one, this is absolute circus”. The third umpired reviewed the run outs and declared that both Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble are not out. In the end, Sachin safely got two runs added to the total.

9. Saeed Ajmal Funny Catch Drop

At number 9, we have Pakistani star spin bowler Saeed Ajmal dropping a catch in funny way. The moment was so hilarious that Shoaib Malik who was standing next to him in the field, started laughing. During Pakistan vs West Indies ODI match, Chris Gayle pulled the ball to the Saeed Ajmal who was standing at the Backward point.

Ajmal at first, went for the catch but at the last moment he decided to miss it. He thought, Shoaib Malik who is standing next to him, will get the catch. However, Shoaib was also counting on Saeed Ajmal to take the catch. In the end, both missed the catch and Shoaib started laughing while pointing to ajma that it was your catch.

This became the Saeed Ajmal funny moment and Commentators giggled out on it.

10. Fan Girl raises a card saying ” I love you Zaheer Khan”

Finally, we have a fan girl funny moment making up the last spot on our list. India vs Pakistan cricket matches  always have a cold atmosphere due to the arch-rivals between the nations. However, sometimes funny thing happen in Pakistan vs India matches to light everyone’s mood in the field.

Similar thing happened in India vs Pakistan test match, when a fan girl raised a card saying I Love You Zaheer Khan. When the cameraman took the notice, the started laughing. The moment was so funny, that Zaheer Khan himself started laughed while blushing his face to the ground.


So, here is our list. Which moment do you think is the most funniest moment of cricket history. Let us know in the comments.