Top 10 Most Beautiful Wives of Pakistani Cricketers (Updated 2023)

Cricket is a game of nerves where you need to strike hard whether you are batting for your team, or taking charge on the bowling end. Cricket Spectators cheer the success of their favorite cricketers whether they are at home, or in the stadium, witnessing a live match. Sometimes, we also see Wives and Girl Friends of Cricketers in the stadium, supporting their suppose and husbands during the tense cricket matches. The Wives of Pakistani cricketers are also not exception here. So, we list Top 10 Most Beautiful Wives and Girl Friends of Pakistani Cricketers 2020 in our today’s post.

1. Sania Mirza (Wife of Shoaib Malik)

Sania Mirza ( an Indian Tennis Player) is married to Shoaib Malik. She is a former No.1 Tennis Player in Double Discipline and she has won six grand Slam Titles in her career. After the marriage, she is happily living with Shoaib Malik in Sialkot. Shoaib and Sania Together have a son Izhaan Mirza Malik. She has also been nominated by the UN Woman mission as a good will Ambassador for South Asia. Sania is well known for talking about empowering the women.

2- Shamia Arzu ( Wife of Hassan Ali)

Shamia Arzu is the spouse of Hassan Ali. Hassan and Shamia married recently in 2020 after a story break out on twitter. Shamia worked as an Air Hostess in Jet Air Ways India, before she was married to Hassan Ali. Indian and Pakistani Cricket fans were overwhelmed when they heard about their relation. Fans from both countries congratulated both persons after their marriage. Now a days Hassan and Shamia are on a tour to Dubai.

3- Shahid Afridi With Wife Nadia Afridi

Nadia Afridi, She is very private individual, no appearance on media. For Nadia Afridi, Interviews are completely precluded likely by Boom Afridi. Nadia Khan is his life partner’s name and she’s only occasionally saw without her hijab. Nadia, as far as anyone knows isn’t into the session of cricket and, from this time forward, doesn’t visit the arena. They are happy watchmen to three magnificent young ladies and as the photograph prescribes, they look like a substance family.

4- Shoaib Akhtar With Wife Rubab Khan

Shoaib Akhtar got hitched to Rubab Khan who is a dazzling Pakistani wonder bearing the engaging qualities of a renowned Pakistani family. Rubab Khan hails from Haripur and the association together was brought by Khan’s family. Rubab Khan family establishment is standard Muslim family and Rubab Khan watchmen gave their positive consent on the Khan wedding. The Nikaah had happened on June 23rd, 2014 in Mohalla Ramzani. He is an in like manner a satisfied dad.

5- Sannia Ashfaq ( Wife of Imad Waseem)

Soon after the wedding of Hassan Ali, the news of Imad Waseem Getting married take over the twitter. Sania Ashfaq and Imad Waseem got married in the previous match. Sannia was studying in London ( England) when she met Imad Waseem. Her family lives in Lahore and she moved to England after completing her graduation. Pakistani Cricket fans congratulated the couple on their marriage.

6- Nazia Hafeez ( Wife of Mohammad Hafeez)

Not all wives accompany their husbands when they are touring foreign countries. But, Nazia Hafeez who tied knot with Mohammad Hafeez in 2007, is always present at the stadium when Hafeez Bhai is on the field. The duo have two children together. Nazia is also very active on the social media where she proudly supports her husband. Nazia Bhabi is a gorgeous woman and Hafeez Bhai is blessed to have her in his life.

7- Narjis Khatun ( Wife of Mohammad Amir)

Mohammad Amir who is well known for his furious and wicket taking spells, got married to Narjis Khatun in 2016. Narjis is a house wife and they two have a baby girl together. She is a house wife who prays for the success of her husband when he is in tour.

8-Syeda Khusbaht ( Wife of Sarfraz Ahmed )

Syeda Khushbaht is married to the captain and Wicket Keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team, Sarfraz Ahmed. She is a house wife, but she is also seen in the stadiums, supporting Sarfraz whenever he is playing and international cricket match. After the racist fiasco with the South African Cricketer, She also defended her husband while tweeting a video in which Sarfraz were playing with the Local Kids in Albama. She is a loving and caring wife and Skipper Sarfraz is blessed to have her in his life.

9- Zainab Chudhary ( Wife of Wahab Riaz)

Beautiful and Gorgeous Zainab Chudhary is married to Wahab Riaz, who is well known for his bouncy and fast bowling spells. Zainab also is a housewife and mainly stays at home where she is raising a young princess. But, she also tours along with wahab when he is visiting foreign countries to play cricket series. She has a strong bond with Wahab Riaz and they are the most lovable couple among the Pakistani Cricket fans.

10- Naila Azhar ( Wife of Azhar Ali)

Naila Azhar is a religious and God Fearing woman who is married to Azhar Ali. There is not much available on the internet about the personal life of Naila Azhar. But, she is frequently seen in the stadium during the cricket matches, where she supports and cheers Azhar Ali. The couple have three beautiful children.