WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2018-23 (Leaked Contract)

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment is one of the most watched shows in the entire world owning millions of viewers in every part of this globe. The management of WWE has announced the official bill of Salaries and income of WWE Wrestlers (Men).  Many Wrestlers have contracted  for 10 years with the company. These wrestlers, the professional ones are paid on annual basis and their incomes as salary includes incentives, basic salary, travelling allowances and many other bonuses.

As per to the latest updated announced WWE Wage Bill, the wrestlers are getting paid approximately in between $500,000 to $1 Million per year as basic pay. The following figures are shown in the table are revised one for 2018-23 seasons.

Here is the module and payment frame, that How WWE Super Stars Earn in a Year?

According to the reliable sources, the income of wrestlers including Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and other wrestlers are mentioned below.

  1. “Triple H”, the former Universal Champion gets the salary of $1.1 million as his basic salary only each year and the bonus involving along with this salary is $1.65 million as per to the yearly talent contract with the company. He also charges some money as his per match and appearances in different formats of the same company. His income makes him highest paid WWE Wrestler in the World.
  2. Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE had an annual salary of $2.4 million back in 2018 and now that has been increased to $3 million.
  3. George Barrios (Financial & Strategic Officer) – he is being paid $900,000 a year.
  4. Kevin Dunn – The producer of WWE is not behind any one and charging about $800,000 a year
  5. Micheal Luisi – the President of WWE studio is charging about $700,000

There are many terms and conditions that are part of contract, but few of the conditions which are main and important ones, are mentioned below to let the WWE fan know that how much these wrestlers charge and on which behalf they have to stay employ of this company.

  1. Booking: The executives or management book the wrestlers for event. WWE can easily sell tickets and TV rights of that specific event. The professional wrestlers also grant permission to the management to let negotiate with them for the sake of merchandising, advertisement, special appearances and many other activities including hosting an event or umpiring.
  2. Jobs: This company also holds the rights through contract to film or done photography of any specific event whose wrestler is a part of.
  3. Ethical Zone: The WWE company also holds the rights to wrestlers liking or disliking, their name, personality appearance, costume and different these type of things.
  4. Term & Region: Management of WWE also holds the rights to extend or shorten the duration of Contract on the basis of wrestler’ behavior and fan following.
  5. Wrestler Obligations: According to the governing constitution of WWE and Contract regulations, the obligations clauses are 3 times more than the promoters
  6. WWE Privillages/Royalities: WWE has the most complex structure regarding to their payments module and salaries and using this structure, a normal wrestler earns approximately $500,000 per year.

WWE Wrestlers Contract (Payment Module) Salary+Bonuses

All the wrestler of WWE sign with the company on the basis of duration (Number of Years), their basic salary along with few of the executive bonuses. The contract also includes some of the factors like retirement, release, injury, fitness, medications and travelling. This contract also includes the endorsement share distributed with the concerned wrestler and this is for sure that each wrestler earns $500,000  a year, but many top notch wrestlers grab more than that.

WWE Male Wrestlers Salaries & Contracts (2023)
STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
Brock Lesnar $10 million Lesnar make $500k per main event and $100k for sale of merchandise 5 Years Contract
John Cena $8.5 million John Cen get paid $500k for main event appearances and 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} for merchandise sale almost ($1 million) 3 Years Contract
Roman Reigns $5 million He earn almost 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} from main event PPV sales other bonuses in case winning wwe title fight. 3 Years Contract
Randy Orton $4.5 3.25{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} bonus for high merchandise sales, Free Travel, PPV revenue share Contract upgraded (2018)
Seth Rollins $3 million No bonus for merchandise sale but make $200k per main event appearances. Upgraded 2018
The Miz $2.5 million 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} Merchandise sales, travel and accommodation, PPV share 5 Years
AJ Style $2 million AJ make big money he gets main ppv event revenue share 5 Years
Dean Ambrose $2 million His earnings double for PPV event and more bonus included in contract for winning wwe title match. 3 Years
Dolph Ziggler $1.4 million Ziggler earn 3.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} share from merchandise sale and his ppv earnings increased upto $250k per main event 3 Year
Sheamus $1 million 1.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} bonus for high merchandise sales, travel & Accommodation 5 Years
Jeff Hardy $1 million 2.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} bonus for high merchandise sales and 200k per main event match appearance 3 Years
Jinder Mahal $900,000 Mahal making big money after becoming the wwe champion and earned 350k per ppv event extra bonus. 5 Years
Big Show $850,000 Big show is in-active due to his hip injury but his contract improved with extra bonus earnings 3 Years
Goldust $400,000 Get paid extra for merchandise sale 3 Years
Titus O’Niel $300,000 Starter package on base of performance get full time contract he earn only when make appearance 2 Years
Sin Cara $700,000 Cara is on full time contract making extra $250k on main payper-view event revenue share 2 years
Chris Jericho $750,000 Chris Jericho on full time contract and earning 3.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} on merchandise sale 3 Years
Luke Harper $550,000 Harper making regular appearances on weekly and main event matches making bonus money upto ($100k) extra each year. 2 Years
Rusev $600,000 The Russian wrestler earning big money from ppv event bonus from the contract extension upto ($350,000) per main event. 3 Years (Upgraded 2017)
Erick Rowan $550,000 Rown is one full time contract and competing for tag team competition 2 Years (Upgraded 2017)
Bray Watt $1 million Watt making extra from main event revenue share and gets free travel and accommodation. 2 Years (Upgraded 2018)
Bo Dallas $300,000 He is part time currently but contract get upgraded in 2018 on base of his performances to full time. 2 Years (Upgraded 2018)
Braun Strowman $300,000 2 Years (Upgraded 2018)
Tripple H $2.5 million Limited appearances in main event payper-view matches and minority owner 2 Years
Apollo $300,000 2 Years
Matt Hardy $650,000 Hardy making 2.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} extra earning on sale of merchandise 1 Year
Samoa Joe $800,000 Full time contract holder earn 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} main event revenue share 3 Years
Scott Dawson $250,000 3 Years
Undertaker $2 million Only part time appearances expected comeback at Wrestle-mania 2 years
Kane $900,000 Currently in-active but still make part time appearances 3 Years
Cesaro $500,000 Extra bonus money on main event match winning 2 Years
Luke Gallows $250,000 2 Years
Kalisto $350,000 Full time contract holder 3 years
Big Cass $250,000 1 Years Upgraded (2017)
Heath Slater $400,000 Extra bonus on ppv main event appearances 1 Year (2018)
Curtis Axel $250,000 Upgraded 2018
Curt Hawkins $200,000 Upgraded 2018
Big E $500,000 Full time contract based wrestler and extra bonus holder 2 Years (2017)
Fandango $400,000 Full time contract base wrestler 3 Years (2017)
Epico Colon $200,000 1 Year (2018)
Kevin Owens $750,000 On base of his performance he gets contract with (ppv revenue share bonus) upto $200k 5 years (2018)
Tyler Breeze Starting package Upgraded (2018)
Mike Kanellis $200,000 Upgraded 2017
Jey USO $250,000 No extra share revenue and bonus from PPV main events 1 Year Contract
Jimmy USO $250,000 No extra share revenue and bonus from PPV fights 1 Year Contract
Kofi Kingston $500,000 Earn 3.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} extra after making appearance in main ppv event matches 3 years (Full time contract)
R-Truth $550,000 Earn 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} on sale of merchandise 3 years contract
Rhyno $500,000 Until he get upgraded contract he wont get any extra ppv revenue share 2017 (Upgraded)
Shinsuke Nakamura $400,000 Nakamura will get full time contract after winning Royal Rumble 2018 and earn extra on base on ppv revenue share. Upgraded 2018
Xavier Woods $350,000 Xavier currently starting package holder on base of his performance get full time contract Upgraded 2018
Zack Ryder $400,000 Zack earn 3.5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} extra earnings on base high sale merchandise 2018 (Upgraded)
Viktor $250,000 He is on starting package making regular appearances bring him to full time contract 2018 (Upgraded)

WWE Wrestlers PPV Payouts

Some of the big names including Rock, John Cena and many more also take part in PPV and get the shared revenue. The management of PPV do not reveal the stats and figures related to PPV fights or event.

Wrestlers With Highest Income

John Cena, the legendary WWE wrestler and super star of all times stands at top of the list of highest paid wrestlers. He charges $3.5 million per year and bonus merchandise along with endorsement.

Here is the list of WWE Divas Salary 2018-23 (Leaked)

WWE Divas Salaries 2023 (Contract Upgraded)
STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
Ronda Rousey $1.5 million 5{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} extra bonus for high sale on merchandise and free travel and ppv event share upto ($500k) 2 year contract (full time)
Charlotte Flair $550,000 Extra bonus on winning main event matches 3 Year contract (Full-time)
Nikki Bella $350,000 3 Years (automatic renewal)
Alexa Bliss $350,000 3 Years
Mickie James $300,000 1 Year (till 2018)
Brie Bella $300,000 1 Year (Roling contract)
Natalya $300,000 3 Years
Asuka $250,000 2 Years
Summer Rae $120,500 1 Year (Roling contract)
Nia Jax 100,000 1 Year (Roling contract)
Mandy Rose $80,000 1 Year (Roling contract)
Paige 350,000 In-active making limited appearances 1 Year (Roling contract)
Dana Brooke $200,000 1 Year (Roling contract)
Sonya Deville $100,000 2 Years (Roling contract)
Bayley $200,000 1 Year (till 2018)
Becky Lynch $250,000 3 Years
Carmella $120,000 1 Year (Roling contract)
Lana $200,000 3 Years
Live Morgan $75,000 Upgraded 2017
Naomi $180,000 Main event appearances 5 Years
Rubby Riott $80,000 Upgraded 2017
Sarah Logan $80,000 Upgraded 2018
Tamina $80,000 In-active due to injury 1 Year (till 2018)