Most Expensive Players Transfers In Football History (All Times)

After the Transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint, the records of expensive transfers are broken. Neymar was transferred to Paris Saint Germain for record $222 Million and it was more than double of Paul Pogba Transfer to Manchester United worth £89 million in 2016. The transfer of Neymar has helped the godfathers to forget the previous transfers as he has set the new trend. Now let’s take a look at the most expensive football transfers of all times in history of football.

Top 30 Most Expensive Football Transfers (All Times)

Although the list of most expensive transfers is too long, but we would mention a few (30) of them.  The 9 expensive transfers happened in 2013 only, while rest of the expensive transfers’ list also contains the event happened after 2013. Gareth Bale was bought by Real Madrid in 85 million in 2013 which overtook Ronaldo’ team followed by Pogba transfer cost 89 million. The collected details are mentioned below in the table.

These sort of expensive purchase often work for the teams as per the history is witnessed. Just for example, Real Madrdi paid 94 million euros back in 2009 in buying Cristiano Ronaldo and he proved this deal perfectly right.  In the list of most expensive transfers, Gareth Bale stands at 3rd position. Gareth was bought by Real Madrid from Tottenham for 100 million Euros.

Most Expensive Transfers of All Times
1 Neymar (2017) FC Barcelona to PSG £198m
2 Paul Pogba (2016) Juventus to Manchester United £89m
3 Ousmane Dembélé (2017) Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona £97m
4 Gareth Bale (2013) Totteham to Real Madrid £85.3m
5 Cristiano Ronaldo (2009) Man Utd to Real Madrid £83.7m
6 Gonzalo Higuain (2016) Napoli to Juventus £75.3m
7 Romelu Lukaku (2017) Everton to Manchester United £75.3m
8 Luis Suarez (2014) Liverpool to Barcelona £75m
9 Neymar (2013) Santos to Barcelona £71.5m
10 Alvaro Morata (2017) Real Madrid vs Chelsea £70.9m
11 James Rodriguez (2014) Monaco to Real Madrid £63m
12 Oscar (2017) Chelsea to Shanghai SPIG £60m
13 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2009) Inter Milan to Barcelona £59m (40m+Eto’o)
14 Angel Di Maria (2014) Real Madrid to Man Utd £59.7m
15 Kaka (2009) AC Milan to Real Madrid £56m
16 Kevin De Bruyn (2015) Wolfsburg to Manchester City £55m
17 Edinson Cavani (2013) Napoli to PSG £55m
18 Raheem Sterling (2015) Liverpool vs Manchester City £55.2
19 Benjamin Mendy (2017) Liverpool vs Manchester City £55.2
20 Kyle Walker (2017) Tottenham to Manchester City £50m
21 Angle Di Maria (2015) Manchester United to PSG £49.7
22 Rademal Falcao (2013) Atletico Madrid to Monaco £51m
23 John Stone (2016) Everton to Manchester City £50m
24 David Luis (2014) Chelsea to PSG £50m
25 Fernando Torres (2011) Liverpool to Chelsea £50m
26 Carlos Tevez (2009) To Man City £47m
27 Alexandre Lacazette (2017) Lyon to Arsenal £46.5m
28 Zinedine Zidane (2001) Juventus to Real Madrid £46m
29 Hulk (2016) Zenit to Shanghai SIPG £46.4
30 Bernardo Silva (2017) AS Monaco to Manchester City £43m
31 Mesut Özil (2013) Real Madrid to Arsenal £42.4m
32 Alex Teixeira (2016) Shakhtar Donetsk to Jiangsu Suning £39.3
33 James Rodríguez (2013) FC Porto to AS Monaco £38.5
34 Juan Mata (2014) Chelsea to Manchester United £37.1m
35 Luis Figo (2000) Barcelona to Real Madrid £37m
36 Anthony Martial (2015) Monaco to Manchester United £36m
37 Hernán Crespo (2000) Parma to Lazio £35.5m

Gonzalo Higuan from Napoli to Juventus is also in the list, but stands at 5th position. He was bought by Juventus from Napoli for 90 Million Euros back in 2016, but this deal was the most expensive deal in 2016 year only.

Note: Neymar’ transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain is expensive on technical grounds because the transfer fee made this deal most expensive instead the gross price. Neymar is still most expensive football player transfer leading Paul Pogba who was transfered to Manchester United for 89 Million pounds which was a record still back at then.