Most Richest Skateboarders Of All Times In World (Official 2023)

Skateboarding is now entering in richest games rapidly in the world. How much do the skateboarder earn through this sports and how they generate the revenue. These are the question in people’ mind, but we are here to answer to those questions.  These skateboarders earn money through prize money and endorsement they do. There are too many richest skateboarders in the world who have net value in millions.

Tony Hawak is leading the list of Most richest skateboarders in the world and he has made history globally. His net value is approximately $140 Million. He has won too many world championships and different competitions which increased his wealth.

Richest Skateboarders in the World (PAST & Present)
Ranking Player Wealth Country
1 Tony Hawk $140 Million United States
2 Jamie Thomas $65 Million United States
3 Rob Dyrdek $50 Million United States
4 Rodney Mullen $44 Million United States
5 Stefan Janoski $30 Million United States
6 Chad Muska $16 Million United States
7 Ryan Sheckler $16 Million United States
8 Eric Koston $15 Million Thailand
9 Tony Alva $15 Million United States
10 Danny Way $12 Million United States
11 Wee Man $12 Million Italy
12 Andrew Reynolds $10 Million United States
13 Ed Templeton $10 Million United States
14 Lance Mountain $10 Million United States
15 Mike Vallely $10 Million United States

Complete details of richest skateboarders is mentioned above in the table. Top 7 positions are secured by skateboarders only from the USA. There are only two outsiders in the list among 15, one from Thailand and other from Italy.

Tony Hawk: $140 Million United States

Tony Hawk holds the top position in richest skateboarders in the world by having the net worth of $140 Million.  Tony Hawk from the USA joined professional skateboarder when he was just 16 back in 1982. Since then, he has been quite a posessive skateboarder. He won the title back 1995 during X Games held at Newport (Iceland).

Jamie Thomas: $65 MillionUnited States

Jamie Thomas, stands at 2nd position by having $65 million net worth. Jamie has made too many records in skateboarding history. He has also won a gold medal in 1995 for “Street Best Trick” at Newport during Extreme Games event. Thomas added a lot of money after he signed the deals of sponsorship with big brands liek Zero Skateboards, Straye Footwear, Spitfire Wheel, Active Ride Shop and many other brands.