Tennis Grand Slams Prize Money 2023 (Updated News)

All the Tennis Grand Slams prize money have been revealed officially and this time the prize money is increased more than double compared to the prize money of last 6 years. Officials took the initiative just because of so many complains during ATP by Top men and women as they are not being paid enough.

After the high numbers of complains, US open Tennis increased the prize money as well as yearly wages for the benefits of tennis players. According to the officials, the prize money is increased to $50 Million by 2018. All the details of tennis prize money grand slams is mentioned in detail.

  1. Top of the list stands Australian open as they have increased the money by 10{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} taking $55 Million from $44, while the winners got $4 Million each.
  2. French Open tennis prize money is also increased to 39.2M from 36M compared to last year event when the tennis player grabbed 2.1 Million Euros each. From the past 4 years, French open prize money is increased by 15{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}.
  3. Wimbledon prize money is also at high compare to their last season back in 2017. The officials have raised the money to 10{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45} bring the total value to $50.4 Million and that’s why the tennis players (Men & Women) would be able to grab $3.7 Million in their pocket.

After the increment in the total prize money of all the tennis grand slams overall, US Open stands at top on the behalf of heavy investment. Some of the major details regarding All the Tennis grand slams prize money is mentioned in detail below.

Grand Slams Prize Money Comparison IN USD (Current Currency Conversion)
TOTAL $42.7 million $39.2 million $40.79 million $50.4 million
SINGLES WINNERS $3.2m $2.29 $2.90m $3.7m
Runner ups $1.60m $1.14m $1.50 $1.82m
Semi-finalists Losers $850,000 $568,000 $725,750 $920,000
Quarter-finalists losers $450,000 $312,565 $362,875 $470,000
4th Round losers $225,000 $170,490 $191,598 $253,625
3rd Round losers $112,500 $113,660 $116,120 $144,000
2nd Round losers $56,000 $56,830 $72,575 $86,000
1st Round losers $30,000 $28,500 $43,545 $50,000