Rafael Nadal Net Worth 2023 ($155 Million) Of All Times (Revealed)

Best Spanish Tennis player for a decade, Rafael Nadal’ net worth is quite big one. He is the 3rd highest paid tennis player awarding millions of dollars as prize money after Roger Federer. Rafael has been also listed in Forbes as highest paid athlete in 2017. His annual earnings in 2017 was $31.5 Million annually, which made him 33rd highest earner athlete.

Rafael Nadal Net Worth: $155 million

Annual Salary & Endorsement Earnings : $31.6 million (2017)

The 2017 year was quite in favor of Rafael Nadal as he earned $31.6 million from endorsements additional to his annual earning. He made a great comeback in 2017 by earning better than before and winning some important titles too, including US Open and French Open.

He was defeated by his arch rival Roger Federer in the final match of Australian Open 2017. Although Rafael was defeated by Rogerer, but he later signed a deal of endorsements worths $26 Million.  His earning increased after the money $5.5 million was added when he won US Open and French Open.

Nadal have won Roland Garros Title for 10 times in his career, which makes him winner more than any other tennis player. His so far earning of prize money from Tennis titles is approximately $96.5 million overall.