List of Premier League Winners by Years (Since 1992)

Manchester United stands at top position in the list of most title of Premier League won by any team during last 25 years. While only 5 teams have been able to grab the title of championship in last 25 years in which Chelsea who won 3 titles, Manchester City who won 3 and Liecester & Blackburn Rovers who won 1 title each are included.

List of Premier League’ Titles Winner:

As mentioned above that the Manchester United team is the team who won “Premier League” titles more than any other team in recent 25 years (Since 1992). All these happened  under the manager ship of Sir Alex. On the other side, Chelsea is at 2nd position by winning titles for 5 times. Manchester City is also in the list by wining the titles for two times.

Premier League Winners List Since 1992 & Top 4 finishes
1992-93 Manchester United Aston Villa Norwich City Blackburn Rovers
1993-94 Manchester United Blackburn Newcastle Utd Arsenal
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers Manchester Utd Nottingham Forest Liverpool
1995-96 Manchester United Newcastle Utd Liverpool Aston Villa
1996-97 Manchester United Newcastle Utd Arsenal Liverpool
1997-98 Arsenal Manchester Utd Liverpool Chelsea
1998-99 Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Leeds United
1999-00 Manchester United Arsenal Leeds United Liverpool
2000-01 Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool Leeds United
2001-02 Arsenal Liverpool Manchester Utd Newcastle Utd
2002-03 Manchester United Arsenal Newcastle Utd Chelsea
2003-04 Arsenal Chelsea Manchester Utd Liverpool
2004-05 Chelsea Arsenal Manchester Utd Everton
2005-06 Chelsea Manchester Utd Liverpool Arsenal
2006-07 Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal
2007-08 Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool
2008-09 Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2009-10 Chelsea Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham
2010-11 Manchester United Chelsea Man City Arsenal
2011-12 Man City Manchester Utd Arsenal Tottenham
2012-13 Manchester United Man City Chelsea Arsenal
2013-14 Man City Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea Man City Arsenal Manchester Utd
2015-16 Leicester City
Arsenal Tottenham Man City
2016-17 Chelsea
Tottenham Manchester City Liverpool
2017-18 Man City Manchester United Tottenham Liverpool

During the recent few years, Sir Alex’ team Manchester United has dominated the winning streaks by picking up the trophy for 13 times. While only 4 teams have broke the United dominance on temporary basis. Blackburn Rovers have won the title only for once in last 25 years.

Many other teams including Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Barcelona have spent millions in order to bring and signing new players to make the squad more dangerous which could help them to win the title, but all these tactics have failed in making them champion of “Premier League”, but in last 25 years.

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Blackurns Rovers spent a tenure of 3 years to get the title back when Arsenal team won the title of “Premier League” back in 1997-98. But that era as champion was not longer enough and Manchester United snatched the title. United won another title in 2002-03 season by snatching the title from Arsenal.

When Jose Mourinho got the charge as manager of Manchester United, the team once again won the title in 2004-05 following 2005-06. The base manufactured by Sir Alex continued till 2005 as team Manchester United continued to win the title back to back.

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