South Korea vs Bosnia-Herzegovina Live Stream FIFA World Cup Friendly 2023

South Korea looking forward to face Bosnia & Herzegovina in their FIFA World Cup 2023 friendly match who has been struggling for couple of months. Bosnia & Herzegovina faced another draw match against Montenegro on Monday as they failed to score a single goal away home.

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs South Korea Live Stream

Match Details:

  • Event: FIFA World Cup 2023 Friendly
  • Match: Friendly
  • Teams: South Korea vs Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Time: 12:00 UKT | 11:00 GMT | 13:00 CET
  • Date: 1st June, 2023
  • Venue: Jeonju World Cup Stadium (Jeonju)

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs South Korea Prediction, Who Will Win

[su_note radius=”8″]South Korea Winning Chances = 70{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}

Bosnia & Herzegovina = 20{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}

Draw Chances = 10{2c57283f43f9b3b7e6eaef82251cdaa74f0a0183bf679d77fcdffc6e96ea4b45}[/su_note]

South Korea vs Bosnia & Herzegovina Preview – Lineups – TV Channels Telecast

The South Korean team has been engaged in injuries as there are many important players who are injured including Kim Min-Jae who probably expected to miss the World Cup too. Jang Hyun-Soo will fulfil the abscence of Kim Min, but he won’t be playing friendly matches anymore. Many fans are expecting Kim Young-gwon and Kwon Kyung-won to be in action. Shin Tea-young will be staying at left back.

Injury of Kwon Chang-hoon is a shock for South Korea as he one of the key players for their team. While Lee Geun-ho and Yeom Ki-hoon will also miss the flight to Russia World Cup 2023 and that too because of their injuries. Lee Chung-young successfully maintained his position strong for the FIFA World Cup 2023.

This is for the first time that Bosnia & Herzegovina will face South Korea with a different squad and totally different players than before. Korea Republic defeated Bosnia & Herzegovina back in 2006 at Seoul.

On the other side, the Bosnia & Herzegovina team finished at 3rd position in UEFA staying behind Greece and Belgium in event’ qualification round. They also defeated Cyprus surprisingly and Greece at their own home ground tha enlightened the chances for Bosnia & Herzegovina to take part if World Cup 2023.