FIFA World Cup 2026 Referees Salaries (Revised Bill)

The officials have announced the complete list of FIFA World Cup 2026 Referees salaries. The newly released list is based on revised bill that was presented back in 2017. According to the reliable resources including Italian News Channel, the stats and exact figures of paying numbers are revealed publicly. As per to the revised bill, each referee will be paid $70,000 plus with a bonus of $3,000 per match. Here is the entire detail of FIFA World Cup 2026 referee is mentioned below in the table.

FIFA World Cup 2026 is approaching fastly and a limited time is left behind as the event to be started in the month of June. FIFA has selected few of the referees from different countries around the world on the basis of their performance and excellent professional show off. Back in the history, few of the referees’ decision were controversial, but FIFA has controlled that routine to minimum level. Many of the fans are seeking the answer to the question that how much the referees are going to be paid this time in World Cup 2026.

Fifa World Cup Referees Salaries 2026 (Contracts)
# Referee Category Tournament Fees Nationality
1 Cüneyt CAKIR Elite Panel $70,000 Turkey
2 Felix BRYCH Elite Panel $70,000 Germany
3 Sergey KARASEV Elite Panel $70,000 Russia
4 Bjorn KUIPERS Elite Panel $70,000 Netherlands
5 Szymon MARCINIAK Elite Panel $70,000 Poland
6 Antonio Miguel MATEU LAHOZ Elite Panel $70,000 Spain
7 Milorad MAZIC Elite Panel $70,000 Serbia
8 Gianluca ROCCHI Elite Panel $70,000 Italy
9 Damir SKOMINA Elite Panel $70,000 Russia
10 Clement TURPIN Elite Panel $70,000 France
11 Julio BASCUÑAN Elite Panel $70,000 Chile
12 Enrique CACERES Elite Panel $70,000 Paraguay
13 Andres CUNHA Elite Panel $70,000 Uruguay
14 Sandro RICCI Elite Panel $70,000 Brazil
15 Nestor PITANA Elite Panel $70,000 Argentina
16 Jair MARRUFO Elite Panel $70,000 United States

Total three referees will be present in the ground on different side like one would be staying in two line-Man and one referee will be staying on the left side keeping. The two-Man line will keep eye on corners, free kicks and fouls done by the players.

World Cup 2026 Referees Payment/Income:

Referees were used to pay around $50,000 till World Cup 2010 and 2014, but this time FIFA has increased the salary as well as they have kept the bonus for each for the first time. Each referee would be paid $70,000 and three thousands dollars as bonus per match. On the counter side, the line-man will get a salary of $25,000. Rest the stats are mentioned in the table given above.