Top 20 Highest Paid WWE Divas 2023 (Revealed Contract)

The list of highest paid WWE Divas 2018 has been revealed in public and the new stats are quite shocking as these women are being paid too much for 2018 year. According to new contract, the WWE divas would become millionaire if they perform up to mark because the money is directly conditioned to their performance in all seasons of WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment).

List of the Highest Paid WWE Divas 2023
Wrestlers Earnings Status Brand
Ronda Rousey $1 Million Active RAW
Charlotte Flair $500,000 Active SmackDown
Nikki Bella $300,000 Active SmackDown
Alexa Bliss $300,000 Active Raw
Carmella $250,000 Active SmackDown
Natalya $250,000 Active SmackDown
Brie Bella $250,000 Active Raw
Mickie James $250,000 Active Raw
Becky Lynch $200,000 Active Raw
Mandy Rose $150,000 Active Raw
Nia Jax $150,000 Active Raw
Dana Brooke $150,000 Active Raw
Sasha Banks $150,000 Active Raw
Lana $150,000 Active SmackDown
Tamina $150,000 Active SmackDown
Naomi $150,000 Active SmackDown


As you can see in the table mentioned above, the salaries of WWE Divas for 2018 year in Millions of Dollars. The stats that are mentioned in the table are gathered through different reliable sources, while some of the earnings are estimated ones as well. Among all the WWE Divas, Ronda Rousey stands at top position as she grabs $1 Million performing in RAW as mainstream.

Ronda Rousey acquires a big following ship across the world on the behalf of her fighting skills. She got fame within no time during she performed in Fighting Champinoship. She has successfully managed to get a heavy amount contract that has made her a highest paid WWE divas.

On the other side, Charlotte Flair stands at 2nd position grabbing $.5 Million in her pocket. She began her career few years ago and successfully managed to enlist herself in the highest paid WWE Divas. Flair has also won Women Championship for four times. She has replaced Nikki Bella and Paige in terms of highest earning in WWE.