Spanish La Liga Club’s Wages Bill 2023 (Leaked Bill)

One of the lowest or most lowest team Spanish La Liga has announced their official players salaries wages bill for 2018-23 bill. This time Barcelona beats Real Madrid in term of paying to the players and dominating the highest wage bill position in Spain. Barcelona’ current bill of players salaries consists of €515m that’s equal to €7.1m per player which is closely ahead of Real Madrid €505m and the average goes for Madrid player near €6.4m. Getafe is most lowest in the list of paying to players list and Real Madrid 18 times larger to Getafe in terms of paying.

Athletic Madrid has maintained their club quite aggressively and they also increased the incentives for the players in last 3 years. The current bill of Athletic Madrid consists of €237m and bill shows the comparison of previous bill is slightly higher for current season.

There was a time back in 2015 when the total wage bill of Athletic was about one third of Real Madrid, but after in increment, the bill is now half of the Real Madrid while Real Madrid has also increased their bill for season 2018-23. Getafe and Las Palmas, both these clubs have the most lowest wage bill of approximately (€25m) and (€26m).

La Liga Clubs Wage Bill For 2018-23 Season
NO# CLUB 2018-23
1 Barcelona £448m
2 Real Madrid £442m
3 Atletico Madrid £210m
4 Sevilla £141m
5 Valencia £100m
6 Villarreal £78m
7 Athletic Bilbao £60m
8 Real Betis £58m
9 Real Sociedad £57m
10 Espanyol £54m
11 Malaga £47m
12 Celta Vigo £36m
13 Deportivo £36m
14 Alaves £33m
15 Leganes £30m
16 Eibar £29m
17 Levante £28m
18 Girona £27m
23 Las Palmas £26m
20 Getafe £25m

After the trend, many of Spanish Clubs have started to spend more and more money during the summer and winter transfer in order to buy such players who can bring the best results out of it.