Top 10 Best Football Jerseys Of All Times – (Updated Rankings 2023)

Football Jerseys are put on by all the players in a professional football match. These Football Jerseys represent the team with which the football players are associated. Football Shirts and Jerseys often carry the player name, their team name, and their numbers. Many football teams pay special attention to their football jersey design and they hire professional dress designers to design their jerseys. Here are the top 10 Football Jerseys of all time.

[su_note note_color=”#fffb76″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”8″]Top 10 Best Football Jerseys Of All Time[/su_note]

#1. Manchester United – English Premier League

Manchester United has the best football Jersey of all time. They are one of the top teams in the English Premier League. Sponsors pay heavy amounts to Manchester United club to have their logos on Red Devils Jersey. Not only this, Manchester United receives $290 Million each year from their Jersey Sales.

[su_quote style=”flat-blue”]Manchester United Jersey has a red color and the Adidas logo is printed on the top left corner of Jersey. Apart from it, the right top corner of Jersey carries the official logo of the Manchester United team. Whereas, the Belly side of Jersey has the Chevrolet logo printed on it.[/su_quote]

The away jersey of Manchester United has blue and white stripes giving it a nice and eye-catching look. The Red Devils make a lot of money each year by selling their shirts online and in the stores. They sold 3,250,000 jerseys this year alone and raised a huge profit from Jerseys this year.

Overall Manchester United looks beautiful and attractive. However, it costs a lot of money to buy the jersey. IF you are a Manchester United fan, you would not mind spending your hard-earned cash to buy Manchester United Jersey to support your favorite football club.

#2. Real Madrid –  La Liga

At number 2 we have classic Jersey of One of the best Spanish Football Clubs of all time, yes you guessed it right we are talking about Real Madrid. One of the Richest Spanish Football Clubs is known for its high-paying Jersey Sponsors. Real Madrid fans love their favorite La Liga team for their arch rivalry against Barcelona.

[su_quote style=”flat-blue”]The Whites began accepting Sponsorships in 1985 and they signed their first-ever Sponsorship deal with Parmalat. Today, they enjoy multi Sponsorship deals for their Jerseys including Emirates Airline, Adidas, and Mahou. Real Madrid receives 84.1 Million Dollars from the Fly Emirates each year.[/su_quote]

They sold 3,120,000 jerseys in the previous year and claimed the second spot on our list of best football jerseys of all time. Most Recently, Real Madrid has launched their new edition for the next La Liga season.

The Real Madrid Jersey carries the official Logo of Adidas on the Top Right Corner of Jersey. Whereas, the Top Left Corner has Real Madrid’s official Logo Printed on it. The Belly side of the Real Madrid Jersey carries the official Logo of the Fly Emirates and its Mission Statement.

Overall, Real Madrid Jersey has an impressive look and it deserves its place on our list for the best Football Jerseys of all time.

#3. FC Barcelona – La Liga

One of the most successful La Liga teams of all time, FC Barcelona takes the third spot for their Surb Jersey Design. Suprinsgly, they are the only Spanish Football Club that refused any sponsorships on their official Jersey in the past. However, this does not stop them for getting their place on our list.

, FC Barcelona had Sponsorship deals for their Jerseys, and they enjoyed a $1.5 million deal with UNICEF. They also had contracts with many popular brands including Nike, Rakuten, and Qatar Airways. However, they launched their new official Football jersey in 2021. Their new Jersey features Red and Blue Signatures with blue lines.

The top left Corner of Jersey has the Nike official logo printed on it. Whereas, the Top Left Side has FC Barcelona’s official Logo designed on it. The club sold  1,925,000 Jerseys in 2019-2020.

Overall FC Barcelona has one of the most beautiful football Jerseys in the world. Their fans always rush to buy Barcelona’s new football jerseys whenever it’s launched. Thus, it deserves its place on our list of Top 10 Best Football Jerseys of all time.

#4. Liverpool – English Premier League

At number 4 we have an English Premier League Club named Liverpool on our list. They are one of the most successful English football clubs of all time with many trophies to their name. Liverpool became the first-ever football club to have Jersey Sponsorships in the history of the game. Hitachi Sponsored Liverpool Jersey in 1979 and became the first-ever Liverpool Jersey Sponsor.

Liverpool signed Jersey Sponsorships deals with other brands over time as well. Crown Paints, CarlesBurg, Standard Chartered, Candy are one of the few Liverpool Jersey Sponsors. The Premier League Club sells millions of Jerseys each year and earns a lot of money from the sales.

Liverpool sold 1670,000 Jerseys just last year and earned a huge profit from their Jersey Sales. In 2021, they launched their new home football Jersey with a traditional palette with a lurid orange added to the crimson.

#5. Paris Saint-Germain – French Ligue 1

Paris Saint Germain from French Ligue 1 has the 5th best Football Jersey on our list. They started signing sponsorship deals in 1986 and since then they have raised billions of dollars from Jersey Sales. As per Forbes’s latest report, PSG makes 701 million dollars each year from their Jersey Sales.

[su_quote style=”flat-blue”]PSG Jersey sales reached a new high when One of the greatest football players of all time Lionel Messi joined their team. Even though PSG Jersey costs a lot of money, but Paris Saint Germain fans do not care about it and they rush to buy the new PSG Jersey whenever it is launched.[/su_quote]

PSG sold 750,000 Jerseys Worldwide last year and earned a huge profit from their Jersey sales. Their new home jersey is of solid Navvy color with red and white piping along with the colors and sleeves.

Due to their High Jersey Sales Each year and an Elegant Jersey Design, Paris Saint Germain join our list at the 5th spot. And, they deserve their place for a classic Jersey Desgin.

#6. Juventus FC – Italian Serie A

At number 6, we have Juventus FC from Italian Serie A on our list. They started displaying Jersey Sponsorships in 1981 after signing contracts with manufacturing companies. Ariston was the first-ever Juventus FC Jersey Sponsor in the history of the club. Since then, they have made deals with many other brands including Nike, Jeep, and Adidas.

[su_quote style=”flat-blue”]Juventus FC jersey sales hit a new record when one of the best football players of all time joined the club. They became the club with the most popular jersey in the world since CR7 joined the club. As per reports, the Serie A club sold 1,615,000 jerseys worldwide last year and earned a lot of profit from it.[/su_quote]

Their Home Kit design has a classic look of black and white stripes. They introduced their away kit in 2021 and it featured an Orange-Purple blend on the three stripes on the shoulders. Their stunning Jersey design earns them the 6th spot on our list.

#7. Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga

Bayern Munich has one of the most popular Jerseys in the world and they earn the 7th spot on our list for it. They sold 2,575,000 jerseys last year and profited a lot of money from it. Not only this, but they also enjoy some of the richest Jersey Sponsorship deals in the history of the game.

Bayern Munich Started displaying Jersey Sponsorships in 1965 after signing the deal with Adidas. Later, many other brands also joined Bayern Munich as Jersey Sponsors including Allianz and Deutsche.

They launched their new Jersey in 2021 and it has a deep red color with a light tone. The top right corner of the shirt carries the Adidas logo whereas the top left corner has Bayern Munich’s official Logo printed on it. The Sleeves of the Bayern Munich official Jersey have Qatar Airways Logo printed on them.

With massive revenue from Jersey Sales, Bayern Munich take the 7th spot on our list for their Jersey sales on our list.