Top 10 Fastest Fifty in One Day Internationals | 2023 Updated Record

There are some days in ODI format of the game when a batsman plays out of the box to score a fastest fifty. Cricket history is full of such event when a batsman scored a fastest fifty to help win their team. Today, We will be looking at Top 10 Fastest Fifties in One Day Internationals.

Top 10 Fastest Fifty in One Day Internationals

The Fastest Fifty record was previously held by Sri Lankan Opener Sanath Jaysuria, who founded the power hitting in the first 15 overs. Jaysruria Scored the first fastest fifty on just 17 balls against Pakistan at Singapore. However, South African Batsman Ab De Villiers clinched this record from Jaysuria when he scored fastest fifty on just 16 balls.

Apart from it, De Villiers also holds the fastest hundred record (31 balls) as well. The following list is updated as per 2023 Calendar. And, we have added some recent fastest fifties in this list. Now, let us look at the top 10 fastest fifty in One Day International List.

Ab De Villiers

Former South African captain Ab De Villiers does not need any introduction as he has scored fastest fifties and fastest hundreds on multiple times. So, He takes the top spot on our list. In 2015, Mr. 360 scored the his fastest fifty on 16 balls against West Indies. His same innings led him to a fastest hundred which he took 31 balls to score.

The match took place at Johannesburg and ABD scored a total of 149 runs in this innings with the help of 16 sixes and 9 fours. Surprisingly, he carries an excellent strike rate average of 101.07 in his ODI career. Thus, he is regarded as one of the greatest ODI batsman of all times.

Sanath Jayasuria

Next, we have former Sri Lankan Captain and opener Sanath Jayasuria on our list at 2nd spot. Jayasuria established himself as one of the finest openers in cricket of all times. During his career, he scored the 2nd fastest ODI fifty on just 17 balls against Pakistan on 7 April 1996. The match took place at Singapore stadium and he scratched a total of 76 runs.

His innings included 5 mighty sixes and eight classic boundaries. Jayasuria had an average strike rate of 91+ in the ODI format. His 20 years long career is glorified by many such innings and he was a treat to watch on.

Kusal Perera

At number 3, we have current Sri Lankan Captain Kusal Perera who joins our list with his fastest fifty. Perera scored his fastest fifty against Pakistan on 15th July 2015 at Pallekele Cricket Stadium on just 17 balls. He scored a total fo 63 runs in that innings.

He became the 2nd batsman to score the fastest fifty on just 17 balls after Sanath Jayasuria. His innings included 2 magnificent sixes and 13 stylish boundaries. Apart from it, Kusal Perera carries a stunning average strike of 133.55 in the ODI format.

Martin Guptil

Modern Day New Zealander Opener Martin Guptil grabs the 4th spot on our list. Guptil recorded his fastest fifty when he scored 50 on 17 balls on 28th September 2015 against Sri Lanka at Christchurch. He is usually an attacking opener who likes to challenge and take hold of opponent bowlers.

This innings from Guptil was truly a classic one. Though, he could not manage to score a hundred and bowled out at 93. But, he scratched 8 mighty sixes and 9 beautiful boundaries in this innings. Guptil has an average strike of 87.85 in the ODI format.

Apart from it, Martin Guptil is one of the few batsman to score a double hundred in One Day format of the game.

Simon O’Donnell

Former Australian Cricketer Simon O’Donnell takes the 5th spot on our list. He played international cricket for Australia from 1985 to 1991. Scoring a fastest fifty on 18 balls is some of the notable achievements of his career.

It was an ODI match at Sharjah on 2nd May 1990, when Australia took on New Zealand. Simon O’Donnell scored a total of 66 runs in that innings. His total included six magnificent sixes and four beautiful boundaries. Simon O’Donnell had an average strike rate of 80.96 in the ODI format. However, this fastest fifty from Donnell was a monstrous one.

Shahid Afridi

Pakistan’s one of finest Cricket all-rounders Shahid Khan Afridi takes the 6th spot on our list. Apart from holding the fastest ODI hundred record for 17 long years, Lala also holds the record of scoring fastest ODI fifty in cricket on 18 balls.

He scored his fastest fifty against Sri Lanka on 4th October 1996 at Nairobi. His innings total reached to 102 and his innings included 11 sixes and six fours. This also became the world’s fastest ODI hundred. It is regarded as one of the fastest ODI innings of all times.

Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi was a dangerous striker of the ball. He had the urge to strike a ball for six every time he faced a ball. Thus, he again makes it on our list at the 7th spot as well. On 21 September 2017, Afridi yet again scored his 2nd fastest fifty on 18 balls against Netherlands in Colombo.

Afridi totally scored 55 runs in that innings which included six mighty sixes and four boundaries. This innings yet is another example of how furious Afridi was with the bat. It led him to create fear in the hearts of opponent bowlers.

Glenn Maxwell

Modern day Australian Batsman Glenn Maxwell also joins our list at the 8th spot. He is one of the top all-rounders of Australian cricket and he scored his fastest fifty on 18 balls. The match was played between Australia and India at Bangalore cricket stadium on 2nd November 2013. When, Glen Maxwell scored his fastest fifty on 18 balls.

Maxy scored a total of 60 runs in that match and his innings included 7 glorious sixes and 3 beautiful boundaries. His average strike rate remains at 123.93 which explains how dangerous player Glenn Maxwell is.

 Shahid Afridi

Its Boom Boom here again at the 9th spot on our list of fastest of fastest fifties in ODI cricket. Afridi scored the fastest fifty multiple times during his career. Thus, he grabs the 9th spot for his 18 balls fifty against Bangladesh. The match took place at Mirpur  on 4th March 2014.

Afridi scored a total of 59 runs, but that came in the crucial innings of the match when Pakistan needed them the most. His innings included 7 sixes and 2 classic boundaries in that match. Afridi had a strike rate of 117 during is Career. This explain why he loved to hit every ball out of the park?

Brendon McCullum

Former New Zealand Batsman Brendon McCullum makes the final spot on our list. He scored his fastest fifty on 18 balls against England on 20th February 2015 at Wellington cricket stadium. This perhaps remains the best innings of Brendon McCulllum during his ODI career.

During the match, McCullum scored a total of 77 runs and his innings included seven sky kissing sixes and eight classic fours. His average strike was 96.37 during his career. But, his fastest fifty on 18 balls shows that how dangerous he was with the bat?

Fastest ODI Fifties List

  • Ab De Villiers (16 Balls) in 2015
  • Sanath Jayasuria (16 Balls) in 2016
  • Kusal Perera (17 balls) in 2015
  • Martin Guptill (17 balls) in 2015
  • Shahid Afridi (18 balls) in 1996
  • Simon O’Donnel (18 balls) 1990
  • Shahid Afridi (18 balls) 2014
  • Glenn Maxwell (18 balls) 2013
  • Shahid Afrid (18 balls) 2017
  • Brendon McCullum (18 Balls) 2015


So, here is our list. Who do you think should make it on our list. Let us know in the comments.