WWE Referees Salaries & Earnings Per Match Fees 2023 (Revealed Contract)

WWE (Worldwid Wrestling Entertainment) is full of money and one of the top high revenue generating entertainment industries in the world making millions of dollars annually. WWE spends a lot of money on their referees and umpires more than Cricket, UFC, Tennis and even football. The format is based on Pay-Per-View event card every month in term of paying to referees. In the list of highest paid WWE referees and umpires, Mike Chioda and Charles Robinson are at the top positions.

Full List of WWE Referees 2023
# Referee Status Franchise Annual Salary
1 Mike Chioda Active Smack Down $200,000
2 Charles Robinson Active Smack Down $200,000
3 Chad Patton Active Raw $50,000
4 Dan Engler Active Smack Down $50,000
5 Danilo Anfibio Active Smack Down $50,000
6 Darrick Moore Active Raw $50,000
7 Darryl Sharma Active NXT $10,000
8 Drake Wuertz Active NXT $10,000
9 Eddie Orengo Active NXT $10,000
10 Jason Ayers Active Smack Down $50,000
11 Jessika Carr Active NXT $10,000
12 John Cone Active Raw $50,000
13 Rod Zapata Active Raw $50,000
14 Ryan Tran Active Smack down $50,000
15 Shawn Bennett Active Raw $50,000
16 Tom Castor Active NXT $10,000

As you can see in the table given above, Mike Chioda and Charles Robinson are at top of the list in terms of their highest earnings as they mak $200,000 annually. Both of theses referees are having a huge experience too. The above mentioned stats in the table are without the travelling, accomodation and food expenses.

Freshmen in the field of WWE get a starting package of $50,000 estimated and they get bonuses as well on the behalf of their regular participations and excellent performance.

Tom Castor and Darryl Sharma, both of these referees are not getting paid too much as they are new with the contract, but after they get some experience of 3 years or more, then the earning will be increased according to the terms and conditions. This time both these referees are charging around 15,000 US dollars.