WWE Ring Announcers Salaries & Income (Leaked & Revealed Bill)

World Wrestling Entertainment pays a lot of money to their each and every staff whether wrestlers or non-fighters, including their ring announcers. According to the newly leaked bill of Highest Paid WWE Ring Announcers Jo Jo stands at top of the list as she charges $300,000 as an annual salary. While Lilian Garcia still stands as highest paid ring announcer in history along while Justin Roberts and hall of famer Howard Finkel.

The most professional and favorite WWE ring announcer was Lilian Garcia who was the first choice of management for the announcing purposes. How much a WWE Ring Announcer get paid?, well back in 2015, the ring announcer normally earned $250,000 from his basic salary, while the salary increased they engaged with PPV events.

WWE Ring Announcers Salaries (Revealed)
Category Base Salary Payper-view event Annual Earnings
WWE Ring Announcers $400,000 $15,000 $550,000

PPV Ring Announcers Salaries

Mostly the income of PPV ring announcers is higher than the WWE Ring Announcers as total 12 PPV fights take place each year and an announcer earns approximately $150,000 on “Pay-Per-View” fees. A professional ring announcer gets a chance on new entry. Lilian Garcia earned approximately $500,000 by her job as ring announcer. She normally makes announcement in WWE Raw, while Justin Roberts handles announcement in Smack Down.

Highest Paid WWE Ring Announcers
Category Base Salary Show Current Status
JoJo $300,000 Raw Active
Greg Hamilton $300,000 Smack Down Active
Justin Roberts $400,000 Smack Down In-Active
Lilian Garcia $400,000 Raw In-Active
Kayla Braxton $40,000 NXT (Weekend) Active
Mike Rome $40,000 NXT (Main Events) Active
Christy St. Cloud $40,000 NXT (Main Events) Active

Jo Jo Salary : Raw Ring Announcer:

She made her debut as professional wrestler in WWE, she is now doing a great job as ring announcer. After Lilian Gracia, she the highest paid ring announcer in WWE. Her basic salary as RAW WWE ring announcer is approximately $300,000 annually, while she also earns extra money from PPV events fights.

Greg Hamilton: Smack Down Ring Announcer ($300,000)

Greg Hamilton is also another highest paid WWE Ring Announcer. Back in 2017, he made lots announcements in big PPV fights. After Justin Roberts, he is the 2nd highest paid ring announcer in Smack Down.